When Frau Fowler started years ago, we thought we had to be in retail (like every other brand).  At the beginning, like all things, we did not know enough about what we were getting into!

Retailers like for suppliers to demo and to visit the stores they are on shelf at.  Since we had numerous stores in Oregon, we decided to fly out there to check in on stores.

Oregon in October is gorgeous.  I believe we were seeing the fall colors at peak and the forests there are so ridiculously magical, it’s hard to even express it in words. I just loved it! 

Some of the retailers we visited were Natural Grocers (a chain of around 190 stores in 17 western states). They have these little café sections, where you can use their WIFI, get coffee, make tea, or heat something up in the microwave.  They aren’t frequented a lot and usually provide a really nice, quiet space to work in.

This Natural Grocers was near Corvallis, I believe, which is near the Willamette Valley, where there are many farms.  I was taking a break in the café section, when I saw a nicer looking older man with a cowboy hat, using the WIFI.  I’m not sure how our conversation started, but I believe I asked him about farming in the area and indeed he was a farmer.  My second question was, “So what’s up with Bigfoot?”  I’m a funny person and I ask a lot of direct questions, which people either love or hate.  

He gave me a very interesting look like he couldn’t believe I asked him that.  He then said, looking right at me, “I’VE SEEN ONE.”  He was really not kidding around.

He told me when he was much younger, he was building fences (which is also something my husband used to do) and that one was watching him and “studying” him at the edge of the property, where he was mending a fence.  The creature was so close that it was unnerving at first to realize he was just watching him, and for how long, he does not know.    

Then he shared something that he seemed almost embarrassed to say, that “it” was trying to communicate with him “without words.”  He said he was not scared at all, that it was a friendly encounter and that he felt like “it” liked him. 

It’s obviously an encounter that is unbelievable, but also one that was so real for him, he quietly lives with it everyday of his life. 

Now, I’ve always entertained the weird.  I may have a degree in science, but I also am in full awareness that science not only can HOLD US BACK, but it creates this ridiculous intellectualism that gets in the way of progress by creating prejudices. 

It also denies people of their true identity – in spirituality.  

The problem with science is that it really doesn’t know everything AND it can also be used as a weapon AGAINST US.  

Prejudiced narratives often create division among people, and if you follow the money in “science” you get to understand a bigger problem…who benefits financially and what their motives are.  I’m talking about research grants and the people who hold the keys to this.  To be able to study something, you have to be in line with what THEY want you to study.  Science is actually CONTROLLED.

For example, I’d love to think this GREEN DEAL is going to solve problems, but when you know that inventors have being creating almost completely free energy systems have been denied, marginalized and told they were quacks, from people who have stock in oil & gas…well, those same benefactors now want to get into the GREEN business and have plans to profit…MASSIVELY.   None of these same benefactors are responsible though for polluting  If their plans don’t really work out, they aren’t responsible for that either. 

I remember just recently in Colorado they were going to have a GMO (genetically modified) labeling law that required foods to be labeled with it, that were sold inside this state.  The law, if passed, would pave the wave for national laws for it.

I think it’s important, if most people knew what GMO was and the insane amount of insecticides that are required to grow this sterile seed. Sterile seed means it doesn’t grow back, like it does in nature.  The corporation(s) selling the seed and specially designed insecticides make enormous profits, even though there are far more successful strategies for pest control (like ground crop cover) that benefit everyone (people and nature), and also keeps farmers FREE from seed enslavement.   If most people knew what GMO was, they wouldn’t eat it.  

The lobbyists for big food companies and big seed providers ( like Monsanto), paid for ads with farmers saying it would hurt their livelihood. The bill didn’t pass.  My family has farmers in it.  Sure it might be inconvenient, but it was a lie.  Farmers can get very sick (and do) from spraying insecticides. 

I just saw an ad for another bill we’re voting for coming up, but this time it was about using someone who had a sick mother with cancer and that they wanted to make sure that money still went to researching new cancer treatments.  Everyone knows someone who is sick with cancer or died from it.  Don’t even believe (for a second) that they DON’T KNOW how to cure cancer!    

People are sick from routine dental work ( a major contribution to cancer according to biological dentists everywhere), 4G/5G, and are eating foods that do NOTHING for them that contain huge amounts of insecticide…it’s all deemed SAFE by our government institutions too.   

If you aren’t mad yet, then you haven’t created that boundary yet.   If you need soothing, you can always look at “fact checkers” denying almost everything I just wrote about here and then dismiss it.  It’s a personal choice. 

When people share experiences in intimate settings, it should be received in a way that is non judgmental. This is how information (without propaganda) is shared.  That’s why it’s important to have normal conversations with everyone you know – in person. 

The truth is, if you haven’t walked a mile in someone’s shoes, then you really DON’T know.   

No amount of science is going to tell you the absolute truth.   

No TV ad, late night comedian, or news program is going to tell you the truth either. 

You have to go get it, for yourself.  

Thankfully, this current revolution has created alternative media and the encouragement here is just to have real relationships with other people. 

The world is wild and wonderful, we will fight to keep it that way. 

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