Packaging & Environment

The Package

“The Frau” from Frau Fowler, is actually a packaging engineer.   This is good news as pure essential oils can be “hot” and only a few types of materials can handle the heat of the oils.

When essential oils are contained in airtight packaging, the volatility of the oils can build up.  Being in an airtight container also retains the flavor and the intensity of the oils.  It was essential that we had a corrosive proof container that was healthy!  While glass is the most inert substance and has the best compatibility for ALL food and cosmetic products, it’s also extremely heavy, adding to the use of fossil fuel dependence to ship!

Because of our liberal use of essential oils in our products, aluminum was the next best option.  Our aluminium cans are extremely lightweight and durable!  EXTREMELY.  We use a food safe grade coating and our cans are free of BPA.

To go EVEN greener, we are working on a program online, where orders are shipped in flex packaging and includes a sticker label (front and back) for the can you have already purchased, so that new orders can change flavors and still use the same can!  How cool is that?

And cartons are made from recycled content!

The Ingredients

Being organic and NON GMO, IS important to us.  We believe plant material should be pesticide free and not genetically altered to be “healthy” and good for the planet.  All of our plant material is ORGANICALLY certified. Our xylitol is NON GMO and we use corn since it’s a renewable resource.  Xylitol, from birch trees, is easily certified as organic, but it also takes a LONG TIME for birch trees to grow back.

Because of the amount of salt and minerals we use in this product, we will probably not be able to get certified as USDA organic, for our overall product.  We will however, be pursuing Project Verified NON GMO status!

Our Building

Our building uses 100% solar power.  We think that’s pretty cool too and fairly easy to do in the sunny state of COLORADO.

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