Kids Oral Health -Helping Kids Make Better Decisions, Early!

by Perry Louis Fields Founder, Author, Medical Pioneer, Food Scientist and Engineer

Kids Aren’t Great At Brushing and Kids Oral Health IS IMPORTANT – it’s a fact.

Most adults know how to brush their teeth well enough.  Helping kids properly can be tough.  My sister has 3 of them, under 6 and it’s like herding stray cats.

FLUORIDE – Is that the only option for kids oral health?

One of the biggest issues and debates in oral care is to use fluoride or NOT.  Fluoride does help remineralize the teeth; in fact, it’s the only thing the ADA accepts.  Unfortunately, fluoride is toxic (especially to small bodies) and let’s face it, kids don’t really rinse their mouth out when they are done brushing, and even if they did, the oral cavity absorbs EVERYTHING almost instantly (it’s why medicine is pushing in the direction of oral applications)!

Fluoride is also also heavily prevalent in our tap water (we get plenty of what we need if fluoride was the actual answer). Fluoride is not the ONLY thing that remineralizes teethIn fact, the real issue with oral care problems with children is lifestyle.  Check with your dentist to develop a good oral health plan.

Kids Oral Health Tips- some of the things you can teach your kid NOW

  • Kids Oral Health Tip #1:  Don’t rinse after brushing. If they are using something beyond nontoxic (like our tooth powder), they don’t have too. They can brush in bed or wherever and get the benefits OF NOT RINSING WITH ACIDIC TAP WATER. Almost all tap water is acidic.
  • Kids Oral health Tip #2: If they don’t have the motor skills, get them to use an electric toothbrush. There are ones out there designed for tiny hands.
  • Kids Oral health Tip #3 : Invest in tap water filter system. While it may not make your water alkaline, it can reduce acidity and take chlorine out which is NOT going to help dental health. Then tell them to drink water even after sugary sodas, snacks, etc. etc. Always drink some water when you’re done consuming food or other beverages.
  • Kids Oral health Tip #4: Make sure they take a vitamin/mineral supplement. Not only is it PARAMOUNT to how they develop, but it’s been demonstrated that kids and adults with lower mineral blood assessments (like strontium and boron) will get cavities more prevalently.
  • Kids Oral health Tip #5:  Being skeptical is a good thing. Always question the advice you get from dental professionals. Caps, crowns, fillings, surgeries may lead to future health problems. Do your research before committing to anything you’re told is “standard.”  You have options, exercise them.

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