Founder Story: Frau Fowler Offers A Holistic Approach To Toothpaste

How does one get into the organic, powdered toothpaste industry, you ask?  For Perry Fields, founder and CEO of the oral care brand Frau Fowler, it all started with an unfortunate tick bite.

At the time, Perry had just finished her degree in food science and packaging engineering at Clemson University. A competitive runner for much of her youth, she was an accomplished US Track and Field athlete at the peak of her career training for the 2004 Olympics.

But all that came crashing down when a single tick bite developed into an illness related to Lyme disease. Forced to move back in with her parents, it left Perry completely debilitated and bed ridden for nearly five years.

What Perry didn’t know at the time was that her maladies originated from the removal of her wisdom teeth years before. The extraction triggered a slow, but eventually gangrenous infection in the pockets that once housed those teeth.

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