Private Members Association

Frau Fowler has evolved into a new legal entity called a Private Membership Association (PMA) for the purposes of protecting its members’ 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendment rights to privacy, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, and freedom of speech as it relates to their healthcare choices, natural products, education and services. A big reason for this transition is that recently and over the past 120 years, state’s medical licensing boards, and other parties, have tried to stop the public from receiving natural, common sense, health care. As a private association, we no longer function in the public domain (as an LLC), yet continue to operate in good legal standing as a private entity with the benefit of fewer restrictions.

We require all customers to join the Frau Fowler Private Members Association
(You can be as active or non-active as you wish! You can just buy products at a low cost.)

Upon signing the agreement, and our acceptance of it, you become a member.

Joining is EASY.

1) Your first order will ask you to tick a box to complete the order, which is you acknowledging you are joining the PMA.

2) You will send your check/money order to the address provided.
Make check/money order out to:
Perry Fields
301 US 127, Signal Mt, TN 37377

3) Your order includes a $1 dollar membership fee.
4) Upon delivery of your order, we will have a pre-paid envelope with an agreement for you to sign (which states you are joining our PMA). You will mail this back to us.
5) Once we get your agreement back, you can access the members portal and get members only discount pricing.

NEW! Member Benefits Include

• Access to library of resources we’d love to share, without prejudice or recourse!
• Lower cost. We know inflation is happening in a bad way, without the middle man (distributors and retailers), you get the savings.
• No sales tax.
• A subscription to our newsletter- we will place it in orders each month.
• Ask Perry anything- medical or dental (excellent second opinions that could really be helpful).
• Ask Ben common/constitutional law questions (he can’t type, but you can call them in and he’ll chat with you).
• Access to forum to freely discuss and exchange any information whatsoever.
• Access to all of our new products (coming soon)- essentials like deodorant that is as effective as our oral care products!
• Get more products you enjoy and use!  Give us input in the direction.


To promote peace, exercise our common law rights, and to be motivated to continue to do business, one method is to change legal status with us from a member of the public to a member of a private membership organization. When you do this laws that are deigned “for the public” that are being misused, may not apply to you. This has been upheld in courts of law, all the way to the Supreme Court of the united states of america.

Please read our PHILOSOPHY page to see how this all started.

Questions to ask yourself before making a decision:

• Who do you want to support with your money?
• What practices do you pay to support?
• Who benefits from your purchases?
• How is your health effected by your oral care choices?
• Do you want to go to a store and have to ask the salesperson to unlock a case?

We all deserve BETTER, and we all know it.

Privacy Policy:

No government agency, big tech, credit card company or others, have the right to know who buys from us or uses our products. There is no data that gets transmitted to build a profile on you.  We also do not use Google ID, Facebook ID, Amazon ID, or any other tech metrics on our website (advertised to website owners as necessary for successful ecommerce, but used to track you- THEIR end customer).