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Frau Fowler Interview

Frau Fowler Founder and CEO, Perry Fields, talks with Fox 21 News about how they got their start, what it’s like to be in manufacturing and how they make innovative oral care products that are FUN, HEALTHY and EASY to use!

Check out the interview here..

Frau Fowler Interview

Frau Fowler’s story of success, making it in personal care and how it’s made!  The first ever oral care tab on the market that does EVERYTHING but brush.

Check out the story here.

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“As a dentist, I give new dental products a lot of scrutiny and evaluation before recommending them to my patients. These are BY FAR, the BEST dental cleaning products available.”

Barbara Calderoni (Dentist)

“We love this tooth powder! It’s easy to use, has none of the chemicals and other stuff that commercial toothpastes have, and whitens our teeth better than anything we have ever used (we are both big coffee and tea drinkers). Even the sensitivity we were both starting to develop has started going away.”

Avid Reader

“This powder is absolutely amazing. I was blown away after my first use. My teeth and gums feel so clean and healthy and this feeling lasts all day! I actually look forward to brushing my teeth 2 times a day! This product is amazing quality and I will happily purchase this again and again.”

Sean D. (website)

“It tastes GREAT, it makes brushing my teeth feel like a treat! I can honestly tell a difference.”

Magda H.

“I am amazed that his product works. For years I have sufferred from loss of enamel. My teeth were translucent you could see the bones on the inside. I used this product for two days and couldn’t believe the transformation on my teeth. The ingredients in the powder restored my enamel.”


“Frau Fowler beats them all. I thought the others were very good and that my teeth were getting really clean UNTIL I used the Frau Fowler. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Not even a dental cleaning has left my teeth feeling this clean and my gums, which have long been very sensitive and receding, pink and healthy.”

Anonymous (Amazon)

“I have used Frau Fowler for a couple of days now, and my teeth have never felt more clean. Not only do they feel super clean, but they are getting that way with out a chemical tasting tooth paste. Frau Fowler has a nice fresh, natural taste to it! Great stuff!! I am hooked!!”

Jason (Facebook)

“Best thing for the teeth. No kidding!  Left my teeth feeling like I just had them professionally cleaned.”

Mary D.

“Teeth feel super clean! It’s like a lil mini dentist in a can.”

Trent B (Facebook)

“Something definitely magical about this “toothpaste.”

Frau Fowler is helping me heal my cavities, prevent more cavities from forming and kick a severe dental infection. My face was huge and swollen and within one week the bacterial infection was gone without anti-biotics….. If this isn’t a miracle in a can, I don’t know what is.”

F Brazeau

“I’ll never use another product, it heals. I was in line for surgery on my gums….I used it 3 times a day, letting it soak for a few minutes after brushing & massaging gums; they grew back 3.5 months.”

Valerie A.

“I’m a coffee drinker and occasional smoker. I have tried all kinds of “whitening” toothpastes and strips/swabs, but this powder blows them all away….My 9 year old daughter has stolen the mint.”

Anonymous (Amazon)

“My search is over. I’m hooked.”

Anonymous (Amazon)

“A Fresh Kick In The Teeth!”

Anonymous (Amazon)

“Huge fan of this stuff! I had sensitive gums to the point I would avoid certain areas. No problem now! My kids even use it!”

Kelly D. (Facebook)

“Where have you been all my life!?”

Anonymous (Amazon)

I’m finding it difficult to explain the difference in how my teeth and gums feel in just a matter of a few days.


” I was able to suck on an ice cube for the first time in years! My gums don’t hurt any more after brushing.” 

Sam B.

“Frau Fowler beats them all! Not even a dental cleaning has left my teeth feeling this clean.”

Anonymous (Amazon)

“This powder is absolutely amazing. This product is amazing quality and I will happily purchase this Again and Again!”

Anonymous (Amazon)

“I can honestly say I’m sold on it over regular toothpaste!  My 10 year old son is pretty gung-ho about it and my 2 year old just started using it too!”

Anonymous (Amazon)

“Love this stuff.  It’s literally whitened my teeth within the first week of using it.”  

Kyle B.

I’ll keep using it as long as you keep making it!


” I no longer have issues with my gums, I love the taste and I just went to get my teeth cleaned and when the dentist looked into my mouth she said”WOW!”

Anonymous (Amazon), Your Content Goes Here

“My dental hygienist even asked me if I use tooth whitening and I told her no, I use this amazing tooth powder. I had sensitive teeth before I used this product and since using this for months I no longer have any sensitivity. I recommend this to everyone for a healthy, non fluoride, whitening and tasty tooth product. Thanks!”

Anonymous (Amazon)

“Cleans Better than Regular Toothpaste


“Loved this product for not only gently whitening my teeth, but healing my gums and boosting my enamel … fabulous products! I won’t go without it.”

Diana S.

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