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 Upgrade your oral care with our science-backed tooth powder technology, inspired by NATURE!  Ditch the gummy paste and get your CLEANEST mouth yet!


“As a dentist I give new dental products a lot of scrutiny and evaluation before recommending them to my patients. Same happened with Frau Fowler tooth powders. I tried them for about 4 months. Bottom line of my result: These are by far the best dental cleaning products available: Not too abrasive but still achieving great polish, salt based to buffer acids, not overbearing on the sodium bicarbonate. Essential oils carefully chosen for adjuvant properties as systemic and local remedy…I cannot say how happy I am to have been introduced to Frau Fowler. The products are not just simple tooth cleaning “detergents”, they are skillfully composed masterpieces of flavor and taste. They created a stimulation of all taste buds in such a satisfying manner, it makes one want to brush teeth more than twice a day.”

Barbara Calderoni (Dentist)

“This powder is absolutely amazing. I was blown away after my first use. My teeth and gums feel so clean and healthy and this feeling lasts all day! I actually look forward to brushing my teeth 2 times a day.! This product is amazing quality and I will happily purchase this again and again. I can’t wait to try other flavors.”

Sean D. (website)

“Huge fan of this stuff! I had sensitive gums to the point I would avoid a certain area. No problem now! My teeth feel cleaner and definitely fresher breath. My kids even use it! I love knowing it is ok that they swallowing some toothpaste now!”

Kelly D. (Facebook)

“I have used Frau Fowler for a couple of days now, and my teeth have never felt more clean. Not only do they feel super clean, but they are getting that way with out a chemical tasting tooth paste. Frau Fowler has a nice fresh, natural taste to it! Great stuff!! I am hooked!!”

Jason (Facebook)

“Teeth feel super clean! It’s like a lil mini dentist in a can.”

Trent B (Facebook)

“Frau Fowler beats them all. I thought the others were very good and that my teeth were getting really clean UNTIL I used the Frau Fowler. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Not even a dental cleaning has left my teeth feeling this clean and my gums, which have long been very sensitive and receding, pink and healthy.”

Anonymous (Amazon)

“I am absolutely loving this tooth powder. My teeth are brighter and whiter than ever….I am a coffee drinker and an occasional smoker. I have tried all kinds of “whitening” tooth pastes and strips/swabs but this powder blows them all away…My 9 year old daughter has stolen the mint.”

Anonymous (Amazon)

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