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Discover these TOOTH POWDER FAQs and discover a whole new level of CLEAN!

Frau Fowler

How do I use this product?

Tooth powder is used in lieu of a paste.  Just tap the head of a dry toothbrush into the powder – it sticks!  Get the desired amount you want (some prefer a lot, some prefer a lot less based on your preferences).  A little really goes a LONG way. Our tooth powder is a very strong product. When you are done brushing, swish it around in your mouth and spit.  DO NOT RINSE.

Brush twice a day, and if you can, after each meal. If you can’t brush after each  meal, take a can to work (or in your car) and use some after each meal as a dry mouthwash. It will freshen your breath quickly and NOT artificially, given you a dental care on the go!

Why is this product SO strong?

Because there are over 700+ species of bacteria in the mouth at any given time and this does not include mold, virus, fungi and amoebas. We believe oral care is just not strong enough.  If you add in the issue with today’s diets that include processed foods that can create problems with fungus inside the body (think fungal infections, UTI, candida, etc.), then you know consuming herbs and plants that are naturally anti-fungal is a good way to stay healthy.  Fast food and most restaurants aren’t going to offer you these types of plants in their menus. So brushing with natural antiseptic essential oils is a great way to reach the bacteria  in your mouth that is always reoccurring.

And because after oral surgery is typically a time that you must make sure your mouth is VERY clean, it’s an ideal product to use after surgery to keep infection from being a recurring problem

What are tooth powders?

Tooth powders are highly efficacious for whitening and plaque removal, because of the very soft abrasion they provide.  Our tooth powder can be used to brush with or used as a “dry” mouthwash.  You can simply put some if your mouth and swish it around to compete with any mouthwash on the market (natural of conventional), because of how many ingredients have intense antimicrobial properties (antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral and antiseptic).

Why do you tell people NOT TO RINSE?

Because the benefits of the powder last when you don’t rinse. The tooth powder is highly antiseptic and has minerals that have been placed on your enamel. The oils in the product keep the benefits in your mouth longer, keeping the oral cavity alkaline, which prevents bacteria from growing.  Just swishing the powder in your mouth (not even brushing) can help your oral care routine significantly. Tap water is mostly acidic and you would not want to rinse with acid water.  It defeats the what the tooth powder is helping you achieve.

How do I get the container open?

Late last year, we switched to a post-consumer recycled plastic that is recyclable.  It’s a sturdy container, that we would like to offer refills for online. The easiest way to open the container (if it’s your first time) is to remember NOT to squeeze the bottom, as it locks the lid of the jar on. Taking even pressure on both the top lid and bottom jar (and as close to zero pressure as possible), gently twist or unscrew. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize it’s really easy!

How long does a container last?

Each container is filled to 2.03 oz. That’s typically 8-10 weeks of brushing, twice a day.  However, if you find yourself using it 3-4 times a day, it may last 5-7 weeks.  Standard tubes of toothpaste typically last 4-6 weeks in comparison.

Is this product abrasive?

Yes, in that is offers a very fine abrasion, just like that of baking soda which has been used for hundreds of years successfully in dental care.  We also mill down our salt so that it’s a very small micron size particle when it’s done (like that of baking flour).

No, in that it’s so soft, it typically melts in your mouth and turns into a “brushing rinse” within a few seconds.  This give one the perfect opportunity to use something NON abrasive for those daily brushings, but just a enough to spot clean or whiten specific areas.

What brushes do you recommend?

Your brush is paramount when it comes to dental care.  If it’s too firm or “medium” it could be too much with daily use, causing actual gum recession from over brushing areas.  We think very fine brush heads are best.  We also love what’s called a “flossing brush” because it’s very fine and has tiny filaments that can work in between teeth to create a flossing effect…and it works!  Another great brush is the Sonicare® brush. This brush is wonderful along the gum line and works great on the ridges of the top of the teeth (particularly the molars) and works great with our tooth powder also.  If you want the best dental care routine, get both.  And don’t forget to floss.

I have sensitive teeth, what do I do?

We do not believe in “coating” your teeth with toothpastes that are designed to do this.  Teeth are porous and to deposit mineral on to the teeth, you shouldn’t coat them.

Since enamel sensitivity has to do with the enamel getting thin, we believe the best approach is to REBUILD THE ENAMEL.  We have lots of minerals in our tooth powder, including trace minerals from natural sources like boron and strontium, that are required for bone growth.  Calcium carbonate is a great mineral that is used in many formulas to decreased sensitivity naturally.  It’s one of our main ingredients. Using a VERY SOFT/FINE brush head like a flossing brush, gently brush over the sensitive area.  If it’s so sensitive, you can use the product as a dry mouth wash to coat your teeth until you start decreasing sensitivity and can start softly brushing the area.  Within weeks, you should notice a difference.

What about ingredients? Why use such “clean” ingredients?

Because the mucosal lining (all of the exposed tissue) in the mouth is 90% effective in absorption.  That’s why sublingual vitamins work.  We have unfortunately been programmed for decades that it’s okay to use toothpastes and other oral care products that contain poison control warnings and other ingredients that are carcinogenic, because if we rinse our mouth out, it’s “okay.”  Unfortunately, it’s just a terrible lie, as once it’s in your mouth, it’s getting into your bloodstream.  Deprogram yourself.

We use ingredients that you can eat, but are effective.  Everything you put on your skin or in your mouth, can be detrimental to your overall health and contributes greatly to how you age.

We also believe very strongly in using ingredients that are as sustainable as possible. Our plant ingredients are organic and/or NON GMO. This is a lifelong pledge for all of our products, now and for the future.

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