USPS is shipping very slow right now. We are moving to UPS for small and light packages.  If you are contacting us about your order and where it’s at, we sent a tracking link with every order purchased on our website, please use it.  If you see that a package is being sent to a distribution center that’s really out of the way, it’s normal for USPS right now. If you’re curious about what’s happening with USPS, please check the news.  If your order is held up, there is nothing that we can do but wait with you.  If your package is damaged please let us know when it arrives, so we can make a complaint for you.   When we switch services, the service will be far better.  

Orders sent Priority Mail are more on schedule than First Class Mail (which is what we use for most free shipping, unless you’re ordering over $55 dollars, those heavier packages typically go Priority Mail for free).  Consider ordering more (and less frequently) to delay your processing with USPS.  

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