If you can’t pronounce it, don’t put it in your mouth.  If it’s not considered a food grade ingredient, you’re consuming (even if you spit and rinse). The mucosal lining of the mouth is 90% effective in absorption. This is all of the soft tissue in the mouth. It’s why we have sublingual vitamins. and they work! Once it’s in the mouth, you have absorbed it. There has been public service campaigns talking about cosmetics and the amount of toxins you accumulate over years of wearing makeup everyday, but little has been said about personal care items and even less about oral care.


If you have sensitive teeth, you need MINERALS!  The majority of people in the US have some sort of vitamin or mineral deficiency. Sensitive teeth mean enamel is wearing and your enamel is an extension of the bone underneath. Bones need minerals. Look for products, like ours, that are highly mineral based. All of our formulas use calcium carbonate and it’s found in almost all desensitizing formulas and it’s natural and edible. Direct application of tooth powder, containing no binders or emulsifiers (like all pastes), means you get the best ingredients to directly apply, without cutting through glycerin and surfactants.


Use an ultra soft toothbrush! Most people do not know what’ truly soft is when it comes to toothbrushes. Nothing is more abrasive than they type of brush you use. Ultra soft brushes are the best bet for those brushing 2-3 times daily. Don’t blame what you brush with, it’s more than likely your actual toothbrush that could be wearing enamel and creating sensitivities.


Natural does not mean not effective.  There are thousands of cavity studies testing ingredients and many are natural that are studied.  These studies show very interesting research on the effectiveness of ingredients that are not often found in oral care products today. Switch to oral care products that are natural and use food-grade ingredients.  


Pay attention to how long your mouth is acidic. If you eat and consume drinks during the day, more than likely you’re leaving your mouth acidic. You have several options. You can chew gum or eat mints that use xylitol to neutralize the acid in your mouth, or you can brush your teeth afterwards, OR you can stick your tongue and swish around your tooth powder, which goes a bit further than just neutralizing acid. But do something! Acid is how you erode enamel and it’s also how you invite anaerobic bacteria into the mouth quicker (that creates cavities and gum health issues)!


Your oral care products SHOULD be strong.  Part of the battle is brushing to physically knock off build up of tartar and plaque. The other part of the battle is knowing how many hundreds of types of bacteria are in the mouth at any given time! Oral care usually focuses on bacteria, but at the same time you can also have mold, fungus and viruses in the mouth. Make sure your products are antiseptic and strong!  Remember, nature provides HIGH strength healing. Look for products that use salt and organic essential oils!


Salt is King. Natural salts provide trace minerals and are also anti-bacterial in nature. It can promote enamel and gum health naturally. Salt has been chastised in this country and while, it’s unfortunately too prevalent in shelf stable foods, it’s also necessary to fight off infection and needed for blood plasma health. One of the best oral care practices is to gargle and spit salt water, using a natural form of salt like sea salt or Himalayan. Make sure to gargle and hit your tonsils as they typically carry lots of bacteria.


Tap water is often acidic.  Stop rinsing.  One of the hardest concepts for people is to retrain the way they take care of their oral health. Because of the chemicals used to “treat” water, tap water is often acidic. Rinsing your mouth when you’re done brushing should be a thing of the past. If you’re using a oral care product with food-grade ingredients, it’s usually best to just spit and not rinse! With our tooth powder you can do just that! We encourage it and because it tastes more like a dissolvable mint, it’s easy not to feel like you have too. You keep the oral cavity healthy, for longer this way.  If you use a water pick, just do that first as part of your oral care routine.


Floss daily. We don’t have much else to say on that!   You’ve heard this a million times and here’s one more time. Use expanding floss or one that uses essential oils for maximum results.