Frau Fowler’s Tooth Powder

Founder of Frau Fowler, Perry Louis Fields, was a fierce track and field athlete.  She stepped away from competition with a debilitating illness right after the 2004 Olympic Trails. Her autoimmune illnesses seemed incurable, yet one of the greatest “treatments” was a procedure done by a talented biological dentist. Her wisdom teeth that were removed many years prior, were harboring massive infection. Her journey back to superior health and wellness made her consider the ramifications of oral pathology on a person’s health.

Being sensitive to SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) which is often in many natural toothpastes and not feeling the vibe of these chemical-laden paste, she decided to create her unique blend after her amazing health recovery, chronicled in the book, The Tick Slayer.

Her blend was going to address all of the issues associated with tooth decay and gum disease, while using the platform to educate and save people from “incurable” diseases that often have roots in oral pathology.

After friends were ASTONISHED by the tooth powder goodness, she decided to share it with the public. ENJOY!