March 18th, 2024: Recently the United States Congress passed a bill called the Cooperate Transparency Act, to impose new regulations on commerce. Many of the new regulations are in lockstep with Cooperate ESG (Environment Social Governance) and Digital ID; however, the CTA was found to be unconstitutional in court of law (see: Small Business United vs Yellen) on March 1st, 2024.

Despite the court ruling, STRIPE, Inc. has decided to covertly move to acquire small business members’ personal information, in order to assist our federal government, threatening to withhold payments.

Frau Fowler has filed an Affidavit of Truth to STRIPE, INC and we have decided to exercise our constitutional rights, which no government can take.

Unfortunately, in the months ahead, we will not be able to process credit cards, as the processing corporations have become monopolistic.

Our most loyal customers from the beginning have seen changes in our business. Many of these changes may have gone unnoticed or without explanation, but we feel that now is the time to state that we have left Amazon, retail and big food distribution due to merging of corporate entities, which are changing policies to squeeze suppliers. All costs are absorbed by manufacturers. The business model for these entities (working together) is to hurt the suppliers, offer them capital in exchange for ownership, and then acquire them. An example of this is 4-5 companies owning almost everything in your grocery store. This is also why Frau Fowler has never been a part of aggressive social media marketing, also called “the attention economy,” which is a misuse of psychological principles using technology.

Frau Fowler does not support Communism and it was only until we started Frau Fowler that we realized early in our journey that the playing field in consumer products was never level. We have since learned about our rights as WE THE PEOPLE, and will engage in business in other ways, while supporting our fellow Americans. We restructured our business to exercise our rights of Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.

Many people ask what they can do.

Not complying with overreaching policies is important in critical times like this. Watch the fine print on user agreements from your banks, tech, telecom companies and your government policies. It’s hidden in plain sight, they just need your silent consent and right now the grab is for BIOMETRIC DATA (your face scan, you fingerprints, your voice) and it’s all in the guise of safety.  Unfortunately it starts with you putting all of your sensitive information on a cellphone that has capabilities beyond making calls and being used as a computer.

Pay using cash and check, and GO LOCAL!

Don’t support monopolies. Take your time, your talents and your money away from the corruption.

Find opportunities in your local area to create new businesses.

Digital payments, while convenient, is being weaponized.  The end model is CHINA (Google(TM) built their prison), and the Chinese can’t buy groceries without having their phone with them and a QR code, they then are scored based on what they buy through video tracking using 5G and AI. It’s a system that once you’re IN IT, you may not be able to get OUT OF IT without taking huge loses, and perhaps unable to fight at all, especially at critical points when others need your assistance (like your children or your future children). We are all for technology, just not when it’s used to enslave others, to censor opponents, distract the masses, and make you forget your own people’s history. 

All wars are banker wars. The central banks (ones you might be banking with right now, 12 of 64 are inside the US) are pushing for the ultimate global dominance and enslavement of the entire world’s population at all once. 

They win when they take Americans into this system. 

They have already started pushing us off the cliff. 

Join The American Revolution 2.0!