Clean Ingredients

We use ingredients that have substantial science-base research behind them. When it comes to oral care, there is a library of scientific study on “just” ingredients. We prefer ingredients that people recognize so they can make informed decisions about their purchase. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective! Our website contains in-depth sections regarding studies we used to formulate our products with.

Being organic and NON GMO, IS important to us.  We believe plant material should be pesticide free and not genetically altered to be “healthy” and good for the planet.  All of our plant material is ORGANICALLY certified. Our xylitol is NON GMO and we use corn since it’s a renewable resource.  Xylitol, from birch trees, is easily certified as organic, but it also takes a LONG TIME for birch trees to grow back.

Because of the amount of salt and minerals we use in our tooth powder, we cannot pursue USDA Organic certification, but we can get certified QAI Organic, which is to happen later this year!


Our founder is actually a packaging engineer!  This is good news as pure essential oils can be “hot” and only a few types of materials can handle the heat of the oils.

When essential oils are contained in airtight packaging, the volatility of the oils can build up.  Being in an airtight container also retains the flavor and the intensity of the oils.  It was essential that we had a corrosive proof container that was healthy!  While glass is the most inert substance and has the best compatibility for ALL food and cosmetic products, it’s also extremely heavy, adding to the use of fossil fuel dependence to ship!

Because of our liberal use of essential oils in our products, aluminum  and a high quality PP container (#2 recycling code) was the next best option.  We use a food safe grade coating and our cans and jars are free of BPA.  You can recycle the cans and jars after use, since it’s made from one material.

And cartons are made from recycled content too!

Life-Changing Education

One of the biggest challenges to people’s health is their ORAL CARE. The other problem is the lack of products that care TRULY make a difference. 81% of the U S population has an oral care problem. This says that no matter if you’re brushing twice a day, you may still have a health problem, so what we brush with MUST BE BETTER! The other crisis comes from uninformed consent that happens each time a person is talked into dental surgeries that more often, than not, creates focal infection and systemic inflammation. The statistics on dental surgery infection is STAGGERING and completely ignored by trusted dental groups and this is a real tragedy that we’ve personally lived through.

While we are in the oral care business, we have plans to expand into personal care, offering never-been-done before products that are enjoyable to use, but also can provide a dramatic impact to one’s health.  That’s Frau Fowler’s true passion.

Our Building

Our building uses 100% solar power.  We think that’s pretty cool too and fairly easy to do in the sunny state of COLORADO.