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In response to COVID-19, we have a curated selection of immune support / wellness items.

We will also have a unique hand sanitizer and mouth spray coming in several weeks.  You can check out all of our Immune/Wellness items here.  Read more about prevention from the CDC here.



Durable ozone unit made in the USA that’s healthy and built for long time multiple use!


  1. High efficiency pump and fan- You get constant, reliable airflow.
  2. High end stainless steel tubing, connectors, and parts- You get the most healthy ozone output. Over time your ozone unit will not produce unhealthy ozone.
  3. Bubbler- Machined from a solid block of glass-bonded silica.  They have round grain pore structure, low resistance to air flow, uniform porosity and resistance to clogging.
  4. Biotech Quartz Glass Bulb-   No sparking, No arcing. No Cold Corona Discharge. Does not produce producing harmful nitrogen byproducts, we use unique quartz-crystal technology to avoid production of these harmful by-products.
  5.  Silicon tube on bubbler attachment- This part attaches and detaches and is considered to have high compatibility with ozone.  You can buy more if you’d like separate tubes of ozonating oil and water.
  6. Bulbs last 5,000+ hrs (years) of use.
  7. We are experienced in making ozones for personal/home use (since 2012).
  8.  1 Year Warranty. We’ve had no units needing repair since 2012.
  9. We are giving our plan away for free, but understand that you may spend upwards of $400 or more in parts. It takes us 4 hrs to make each unit by a skilled professional in engineering.


Out of stock



The materials in a unit make it HEALTHY or UNHEALTHY over time. Some are just unhealthy right from the get-go.  Many made in China and even the US are not suitable for health applications. Either they are too strong and used solely for commercial applications or they are built cheaply (which translates into unhealthy) and BREAK easily.

Stainless steel 314 is used for all parts, tubing and connectors where the ozone is produced and contained for transportation out of the output connector! This is graded A+ for ozone and UV compatibility, so parts do not break down over time or become a health hazard.

Why not plastic on these parts? Because UV energy absorbed by plastics can excite photons and create free radicals.  Ozone is highly oxidizing, which is also very bad for materials that oxidize quickly, like plastics.

Don’t Know That Much About Ozone?

Need a refresher?  All units sold, will have a “how to use” video to explain parts and features of the units and how to use the device during cold and flu season and for pandemic issues.


There are many factors that come into play to figure out this calculation.   We tested at 63 Fahrenheit (°F) at 6500 feet. We have 20% less oxygen than most people at sea level, so our measurements DOES NOT CONTAIN the 20% increase to adjust to most people’s oxygen levels in ambient air. The levels we have tested for will be 20% LOWER than the levels you will get at sea level.

The  factors to consider are TIME (exposure time), flow rate (slower flow rates increase ozone exposure dramatically),  altitude, concentration and temperature. Although, experts will tell you even more factors that most people are not aware of.  We listed the few major factors to make this information usable for all.

PPM IS UG/ML- it’s the same number. We will use PPM, but the correlation is the exact same number in UG/ML (which is the standard medical units used).

Medical ozone is considered to be anywhere from 1ppm to 90ppm. 90ppm produces BLOOD CURLING or blood crippling in autohemotherapy; therefore, using HIGH amounts of medical ozone is never advised unless you are working with a medical provider.

On the safe side, we consider 1ppm to 50ppm the best for at-home uses and 50ppm is the highest output obtained by this unit.

Ozone concentration

For those who think they need oxygen tanks, they do not.  Ambient air has been used for ozone production in medical applications for a LONG time. Germans have been using ambient air for many of the treatments that can be done at-home; however, autohemotherapy is done with oxygen tanks and rightfully so. This should be done BY professionals only.

Lower ozone concentrations are a good thing as lower concentrations do not produce a huge shock effect that autohemotherapy does. Lower concentrations are highly useful for boosting the immune system.  More doesn’t necessarily mean better, this is a very common misconception in the medical ozone world, please see my video to understand more. Our unit produces a medium range in the a short amount of time. So if you want more exposure, you just use it LONGERTime is the only variable that you will have to manipulate.

Certificate of ozone calibration (see above product pictures).

These are the tested DIRECT concentration outputs of our unit.  The average measurement for each unit is between 20 ppm – 108 ppm. 

These are sample taken every 30 seconds of continuous output. We used two units to test and both were calibrated by Aeroqual Limited who manufactures medical ozone testing equipment. The provided us with certificates like the one see in the picture here.

For cleaning air inside a room- 10 x 12 sq foot root will have measurement of .226-.500 ppm in 15 minutes. That is enough to kill many airborne pathogens and clear odors of any sort.

For people who want to use oxygen tanks, this unit does not require one. Direct oxygen would increase our output up to 5 times, making it dangerous.  Units that let you set exactly how much and require oxygen are VERY expensive. These are usually sold to medical professionals who spend up to 10k for their units. They are looking to be very precise, because they have too.

You can increase your exposure by just monitoring time. We have made this simple enough.  These units provide high outputs. You must use caution and go slow when using them.


The American Academy of Ozonetherapy research – https://www.zotero.org/groups/isco3_ozone

There are twenty-four methods of administering ozone therapeutically.

The methods in BOLD can be use with our unit. 

Currently the treatments available using ozone, either medically (with a doctor) or at-home are:

  1. in the ear
  2. vaginal insufflation
  3. rectal insufflation
  4. drinking water
  5. cupping with a funnel
  6. external limb bagging
  7. bladder insufflation
  8. ozonated bath
  9. breathing through olive oil
  10. steam cabinet
  11. ozonated olive oil massage
  12. ozonated water enema
  13. direct intravenous injection
  14. autohemotherapy
  15. intra-arterial injection
  16. direct injection into a tumor
  17. intracutaneous (blistering)
  18. subcutaneous
  19. intramuscular
  20. intra-articular
  21. uterine insufflation
  22. subatmospheric bagging
  23. hyperbaric ozone
  24. dental use of ozonated water

Our units use about $300 dollars worth of extremely high quality parts and take about 4-5 hrs to complete.  Should you want to build your own, we can send you a list of parts and items, you’ll need.  This should be completed by an electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, or someone EXTREMELY knowledgeable in this area. OZONE is not a toy and UV bulbs can destroy you eyes.



In response to COVID-19, we have a curated selection of immune support / wellness items on this page.

We will also have a unique hand sanitizer and mouth spray coming in several weeks.  Please make sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates. Below is what we have that packs the biggest punch. You can read more about prevention from the CDC here. Be Well, Stay well!

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