Meet Perry

In 2006, founder of Frau Fowler, was battling Lyme disease, Lupus and Chronic Fatigue.  As a US Track and Field athlete, training with the top team in the United States and running for Nike, it was a daunting task to recover or to even think about making a comeback.  Taking almost five full years to figure out, when medical practices failed her, she found her cure.

Her journey lead her to a biological dentist who took a look at the cavitation pockets that were left after routine wisdom teeth surgery. They were all infected with a pot-luck mixture of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus and even Gangrene!  Creating focal infection and keeping her from ultimately getting well, the decision to have those pockets mitigated by a biological dentist was the answer!

Slowly she recovered and went back to track and field, making an appearance at the 2010 US Championships, but by that time something had changed. It just wasn’t fun anymore!  Feeling like a different person, she began writing (authoring a book) and speaking about her Lyme recovery and ultimately creating many wellness products, still used today by those who are recovering from Lyme and autoimmune diseases.  She began a health coaching practice that lasted a decade.  Her clients were from all corners of the world, sick with autoimmune and infectious disease.  She got people thinking about more than just bacteria, but how it’s ultimately treated in a way that doesn’t burden and sicken the body, but eliminates it while supporting the body’s ability to heal.

One day she was ready to start something new… something lasting that gave her creative freedom to touch more people in a healthy and compassionate way!

If anything was revealed during those years of illness and then helping thousands of others heal, it was “Daily habits produce the most dramatic results!”  With that in mind, she started Frau Fowler.

Frau Fowler gets started

Perry is welsh for “Pear Tree,” and the name is her mother’s maiden name.   Her grandfather was Dr. William Perry who delivered countless babies in rural South Carolina, as well as other general practitioner duties.  His brothers and father were also doctors.  They spent their time healing others and paid for the education of kids that were not their own.

Although Perry’s background is in food science and engineering, she realized that everything she’s done up to that point could be channeled into a company that created really GOOD FOR YOU wellness products and personal care products.

Knowing that ingredients in oral care products often create chemical and toxicity stress, and wanting to help keep people out of the dentist chair for major surgeries (like those that often create focal infection, unbeknownst to both dentist and patient), she started making a remineralizing oral care product that had serious adjunct properties that address infection issues as well.  Frau Fowler’s tooth powder was started and soon won Naturally Boulder where natural and innovative products go to compete for the best of!

Frau Fowler products can be found in retailers across the country and is launching a slew of innovation in 2019 and 2020!

Perry lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Although from South Carolina, she has been a Colorado native for almost 10 years. What kept her in Colorado? No, it wasn't the Olympic training center, it was a miner (see the About Our Team section). She spends her time researching and creating worthy products for the Frau Fowler brand, and enjoys doing anything outside!
Frau Fowler News
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