Frau Fowler’s Tooth & Gum Powder

We make tooth powder inspired by nature using only organic essential oils for flavor.  This is a total oral care product that’s as antiseptic as mouthwash.  Science-backed ingredients like organic essential oils control bacteria naturally, combat dry mouth and highly alkalizes. High in trace minerals to combat enamel sensitivity. Edible ingredients, fun to use, tastes great and no water required!  

Make sure you check out our Oral Health section to learn about the ingredients we use and Tooth Powder FAQ, to discover the best tips on using powder.  Try all 4 great flavors!  You’ll find it as effective as it is fun! Ditch the gummy paste and let us help you change the way you brush your teeth forever. Powder your way to the BEST-tasting, CLEANEST-teeth experience.  All ingredients are science-backed, using published caries research. Take a few minutes and browse the oral care section.