The First EVER Natural Oral Care Tab- Tasty, Effective, Mouth Cleansing and Breath Freshening!

Natural oral care tabs

We know, it took f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

2.5 years since the idea conception and then another 1+ years to get a tablet to form with all of the amazing, natural ingredients that are in THIS TAB, was brutally hard and there WERE tears (and actual blood).

One of the most exciting aspects about SUR’SE is that a very small company can create something so powerfully unique and helpful.  It wasn’t Colgate, Crest, Unilever or Clorox, but Frau Fowler that cared enough to do right by people and offer something healthier to ingest, that works and tastes great!

It’s the FIRST, EVER, NATURAL oral care tab on the market!  

  • Supports enamel remineralization
  • Neutralizes food acids quickly while On-The-Go
  • Exceptional Mouth Cleanser and Breath Freshener
  • Kid-friendly flavors
  • Healthy added ingredients like Rose Hip (rich in Vitamin C) or calming Chamomile extract
  • Using sustainable ingredients (non gmo, organic, etc.)
  • BONUS– it tastes exceptionally good!

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SUR’SE Natural Oral Care Tabs In Adult Flavors!

Sometimes adults need something a little stronger, a little bolder…a little more interesting.  We need something strong enough to clean a filthy mouth!

Dirty mouths need SUR'SE natural oral care tabs!

Fire Spice SUR’SE – is our Mouth Medic tooth powder flavor- YUM!

Peppermint Chamomile – is a peppermint with a herbal, delicious tone. Don’t be afraid of the chamomile part, you need the extra stress relief just for dealing with your mob buddies.  It might be our best flavor yet. 

Power Mint CBD LITERALLY TASTES LIKE A BUTTER MINT!  I think we just got lucky on this one.

SUR’SE Oral Care Tabs In Kid-Friendly Flavors!

Why Kids?

Kid products in oral care virtually have ZERO innovation, but we know that kids suck down those sodas and pull half-eaten, months old candy, out of couches (and then eat it).


We know that getting them to brush can be challenging too.  We also know that how they develop is impacted by their oral care (significantly).

Now you can throw it in their lunchbox and tell them to eat “their mint” after they eat their meal or drink.  Check out flavors like Berry Good, Birch Chill or Pom Chill.  Willy Wonka would be proud.

Do you have friends with kids?  Forward it!  Save their teeth!   Shop The Ultimate Mouth Freshener For Kids »

CBD Power Mint Oral Care Tab


There has been an on going joke about us doing CBD because we are based in Colorado. First, it’s true….we get the good stuff.  We are actually a few minutes away from Folium Biosciences – they make the REAL GOOD STUFF.

 It’s 0% THC, there is NO BUZZ.  

With dosing, quality issues of CBD and needing something easy and discreet.…our oral care tab provides 5mg of Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) CBD, with terpenes and all the fun stuff that makes CBD this special product that it really is.

It’s not about QUANTITY necessarily, but QUALITY. If you want more CBD, then take more Power Mint tabs!  The bonus part now becomes… it’s an oral care treatment too!  Check out Power MInt CBD

If you don’t know a dang thing about CBD, it’s OKAY. Check out the link above and read up about what it actually can do for you. It’s safe enough to put your MOTHER or GRANNIE on it!