The Elephant in the Room.

by Perry Louis Fields Founder, Author, Medical Pioneer, Food Scientist and Engineer

Frau Fowler is first and foremost a WELLNESS company.  Your health IS very important to us.

This email may be a little uncomfortable, but writing it is not easy either!  But I’m a truth seeker. I’m not a propagandist and I’m pretty much in the CENTER, where I really would like to see most people GET BACK IN TO.

My own personal experience with autoimmune disease and Lyme disease (including Lupus), started with a tick bite and the pathogenic bacteria that is Lyme disease was my introduction to biological warfare, and those in the Lyme community are aware of the not so mysterious origins (the lab off the coast of NY), where many books elaborate on the outbreak.

When you’re ill with so many UNKNOWN issues, the help that is prescribed is typically experimental and involves many pharmaceuticals (which I’m not against, insulin keeps my dad alive these days).

What you realize is that finding health care that understands the big picture is practically nonexistent.  If you don’t become YOUR OWN HEALTH ADVOCATE, get multiple opinions and truly understand your options (whacky or “normal”), then you can’t get out of the maze.  Being trapped is pure torture.

I remember the term used was “managing my condition.”  Managing MEANS more money and it means less accountability for success and it also indicates no cure (I’ve been healthy since 2009- 100% well).

We live in a medical world where we only have experts at this or that, but everyone can fail you as opinions are just tightly grouped (easily persuaded by special interest) and the broader connection is never established.

It’s terribly frustrating and it’s true that we need more big picture healers (including doctors and dentists), but these professional are also under scrutiny because if they prescribe something that is not “scientifically sound,” it can be medical malpractice, and there is protection is running with the herd.

“Scientifically sound” and the removal of options, is like the largest crime in history to mankind, and filled with special interests and deep pockets.

For example, Frau Fowler with all research in hand, cannot be accepted by the American Dental Association for anti-cavity, because we don’t use fluoride.  But if we were to put fluoride in and pay the ADA $15,000 a year (or whatever it is now), we can use that logo and make that claim.

Past decisions of the ADA, refused to look at evidence of what root canals do to people long term, that was presented by other dentists (mostly in the biological dentistry trade), because it’s an accepted form of dentistry.  If they admit problems, they are liable.  (For the record, I did not heal completely until a biological dentist cleaned the cavitation “rot” from where I had wisdom teeth removed just a few years earlier…I then had a 100% recovery from all my ailments).

This problem is in every medical field, people are afraid to speak up, they are afraid of being called quacks and they are afraid to lose their license to practice or do research.

When I was looking for research on specific alternative like Multi Oscillating Currents and High IV C treatment, even about biological dentistry, I always got a search result from a doctor (to later find out he’s paid to be the “devil’s advocate” and push people away from these offerings). The website is called QUACKWATCH.ORG.

Bottom line is it ANTI-SCIENCE when you support suppression of information and science, and Frau Fowler is not supporting this one-sided discussion that’s happening at a large scale TODAY.


We wrote early last year about getting COVID, before it was a “thing” in Colorado.  It was very scary and we are not suggesting it is not.  I knew going to a hospital with their “aspirin” and ventilator method was not an option for my husband who did have CYTOKINE storm, but apparently THERE ARE drugs for this massive inflammation issue that could have kept many people from dying.

The problem with these drugs were two fold:

  1. “Fast” research (for just COVID use) on them was giving people (on purpose) lethal doses so the test would fail and that the vaccines could be authorized for medical use.
  2. The second problem is that they are made for pennies, the cost pennies to produce and nobody owns the IP- so nobody can make more billions (Bill Gates).

Again, this is not conspiracy and what’s going to happen (and it’s already happening) is the reveal.  The reveal is focused now on Dr. Fauci and suppressing his knowledge of GAIN OF FUNCTION, which he supports, but now says he doesn’t and likely (if not very likely) knew that the virus was an actual leak, not from nature.

GAIN OF FUNCTION MEANS: you take a bunch of pathogens ( like viruses) and you create a PROBLEM then you try to find the cure.

I had written last year stating that I knew a gentleman who built these level labs under universities all across the US; we do this research HERE.  No, it’s not done OUT AT SEA, but next to a live animal markets (in China’s case).

The flagrantly biased reporting on how I need to think medically or politically, is really exhausting.  But some better reporting on this grossly negligent issue is coming.  Wall Street Journal:  America’s Covid Groupthink Functioned Like China’s Repression.

I’m sure you will see prominent politicians “distance” themselves from certain people- after all, someone needs a fall guy!   Right now, they are currently defending Dr. Fauci, even those some of his emails are out.

A better way to understand the issue, is Russel Brands video:
“They’re Lying To You”: If Science CAUSED COVID – what’s next?”


There are 3 ways to deal with COVID:

  1. Vaccine

  2. Get sick and get immune

  3. Drugs like Ivermectin (false trials allowed COVID vaccines to get emergency authorized use) and doctors are in fear of prescribing it (see below)

I’ve been following this situation on spike protein research and what’s coming out now is that it does not stay localized, it can pool in organs.  The problem here is that this creates a situation where nobody really knows the long term outcome. It could be “okay” and it might create autoimmune and health adversities for a LOT of people, but the scientists who are speaking up on it now are suggesting high potential for health adversities.

(Children’s Health Defense “Spike Protein Travels” )

Some of you may had no issue with it, but again, it’s not about NOW…it’s about LATER.  And that’s for people who make it past the NOW.


I highly suggest calmly listening to:

Heather and Brett Weinstein and their Dark Horse Podcast (it’s not stressful and it’s not filled with hype).

Heather and Brett are evolutionary biologists from Oregon who I deem as benevolent geniuses, diving into uncomfortable topics with intelligence and open minds.

Dr. Pierre Kory on Ivermectin Truth & Studies 

“Covid vaccines can’t have long term affects”

Dark Horse Podcast with Geert Vanden Bossche & Bret Weinstein

Doing Science In An Emergency

Permission To Think


These links help explain the bigger picture that’s happening that does affect YOU. Please take the time, when you have it, to listen and be brave enough to do so.

For the record: it’s your own business if you get vaccinated and you must trust yourself to know you made the best decision for YOURSELF, but it’s not up to anyone to make that decision for anyone else.


Good luck finding anything that opposes the opinion of tech giants who show you just what they want you to see.  Just yesterday, I was on IG (for all of 30 seconds), when something directly from Instagram is telling me to browse these vaccine “facts.”  Please be assured when I say, these are NOT ACTUAL FACTS, but what they want you to see and you can’t just X out of them.

Google, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon (besides not paying taxes), they also remove posts, videos, books that don’t fall in line with their views.

Media for years now has been one sided reporting on politics, who is evil, what causes we need to support and believe in, and now of all things, THE FACTS regarding medical vaccines.

Frau Fowler will support all competition from platforms that arises from this issue.


Since 2020, we’ve had enough of “good intentions” where people were literally spending their every last breath to finger point at other people and generalize populations of people for being evil, etc. It was exhausting and has created a lot of mental illness (even in this household).  Even those who thought they were on “the right side” are showing fatigue from it LeBron James and Naomi Osaka (who have been very public about generalizing their problems on racism), and who are having a tough time right now in sports.

If I told you what racism I encountered as a white track athlete, I’d have a lot of people in tears about how bad it was (stadiums filled in South Carolina, chanting “don’t let the white girl win”).  To get that kind of recongition you have to be good obviously, but it didn’t stop in high school, it came from my own teammates and coach in college (Clemson), and continued at Evander Holyfield’s (Nike) track club in Florida.  And it’s part of my history on earth. It made me tough and I helped a lot of people expand their minds in the rural south.  Enough said.

People NOW are parading around their medical status like that to is normal.  This game will end poorly for those everyone who thinks it’s normal and shames others.

So let’s be part of the change.  Our “leaders” (not leading me, of course) and media (not getting me to believe anything), have done a great job at destroying people and it’s time for them to be accountable.

Just say you’ve had enough. Then support people who are willing to fight it.  And the people who just show up as BETTER people.

Having asperger’s means that I can enjoy the perks of not ever being “in groups.”  My friends are highly “random” from the outside.  They are old, young, every ethnicity, every nationality, come from all kinds of education levels and live everywhere!

I can assure you when I say most people want the same thing, is actually true.  

Want to be a part of the change?

  • you can also share with others, information like this and the references above.
  • you can voice your opinion at the WHITEHOUSE.GOV
  • you can let your local leaders (government) know about this information.

  ….and most of all, just support people and scientists who ARE speaking up and medical professionals who are also.

And just know, Frau Fowler doesn’t support any of this rotten mess.

If you made it this far, THANK YOURSELF for being brave enough to read that.

Alan Watts – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

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