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Perry Louis Fields

Perry Louis Fields

Perry is a former US Track and Field athlete, who graduated from Clemson University. She is a food scientist and packaging engineer.  Perry is welsh for “Pear Tree,” and the name is her mother’s maiden name.   Her grandfather was Dr. William Perry who delivered countless babies in rural South Carolina, as well as other general practitioner duties.  Perry has been a health coach for the past decade, with a history for figuring out the impossible. Her clients were from all corners of the world, sick with autoimmune and infectious disease.  She is also a medical non-fiction author and pioneered alternative medical practices to treat Lyme disease.   She has a strong interest in plants and plant medicine.  If she’s not in an art museum, throwing a pot, making something yummy to eat or reading non-fiction books, you can probably find her outdoors in the woods somewhere, hiking or mountain biking.

Interesting fact:  She was born with hip displaysia and spent her first two years  of life in a body cast from the waist down and then “Forest Gump” leg braces.  She also was accepted into the US Naval Academy and West Point.  She has Misophonia and Asperger’s that wasn’t diagnosed until adulthood.

Best food experience:  Finally drinking water after Ben and I got lost in Moab on our mountain bikes going down miles of treacherous trails. We ended up riding 35+ miles. I went into hypothermia and I had to leave Ben under a tree to go get help.  Found out, we were only 1 mile from our car.  Second place would be eating in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.  There is a little cafe down a cobble stone street and in the evening, you will see many older women all dressed up, eating alone, because their husbands died in WWII.  They have the BEST goulash.  It’s rich and hearty and with some red wine, it’s the kind of meal you remember forever!

Benjamin Dylan Fowler

Ben is actually a miner.  We aren’t talking about panning for gold, but a real-life GOLD miner.  Ben and Perry met in the sauna at the gym (it’s a long, steamy story).  She interrupted him as he was talking to an older man saying, “You mean there’s gold in them there hills?”  The rest was history.  You’ve seen the show Modern Marvels?  The trucks with the engines the size of a building?  Ben’s been a heavy equipment mechanic for 10+ years.  He knows how to lead people and fix stuff…like everything.  He’s our head of operations and while Perry can design packaging lines, Ben can fix whatever breaks and that’s the main reason she married him.  We think he’s so funny, we decided to post his resume (word for word).

I’ve been working in CC & V maintenance for over 9 years accumulating different job roles.  My accumulation of job titles and the experience obtained from each job provides more than adequate experience to fill the requirements of heavy equipment technician.  My expertise is in electrical troubleshooting and repair.  I have excellent organizational skills and excel in problem solving. I am self motivated enough to work very well on my own and enjoy working towards goals and meeting deadlines.

My experience obtained from being a truck shop maintenance crew leader/relief supervisor, as well my numerous years in different tech assignments in both rotating and daytime roles, has helped me develop a high level of communicative and mechanical skills.  

With a strong position towards safety, I believe that we can find a safe solutions for every task.  Once job hazards are mitigated, they can be done efficiently without compromising quality. I can help find lasting solutions to daily challenges.   I have a goal oriented expectation of myself in meeting deadlines.  

This is his expertise– Almond Maxi Heaters, Euclid AC Drive Haul Trucks, Cat 777, 785, 793d, 793f Haul Trucks, Letourneau 1850 Wheel Loader, Hitachi 2500, 5500 Hydraulic Shovel, Komatsu 5500 Hydraulic Shovel, Hyd Cylinders, Builds Shovels and Trucks, Teardowns Shovels and Trucks, Transmissions, Final Drives, Chassis, Frames and Suspensions, QSK 45 and QSK 19, Caterpillar and 35 Series Engines, Crane Work and Rigging, Electrical Troubleshooting and repair, Siemens GTO Drive Systems, Letourneau 1850 DC Drive System, Aquila, GPS Systems, ARC Flash Training, Komatsu PC 5500 Shovel, Hitachi 55OO Shovel, Basic Welding, Driltech D45 Drill, QSK 60 Cummins Engine, R and R of Major Components, Heat Shrink Tunnels, Hammer mills, Vertical Form Sealers and Powder Fillers.  He has his CDL commercial drivers license (so he can drive REALLY big trucks). 

Interesting facts: Ben and Perry got married in Loch Lomond, Scotland on the Buchanan property (Perry’s family) and had haggis and way too many potatoes at their wedding dinner.  Ben loves coffee and mechanical stuff.

Sarah Templeton

Sarah is one of the few Colorado natives that remains in the state, originally from Boulder.  Yes she spends all her money on natural foods and REI and drives a Subaru. Growing up in the beautiful bubble that Boulder is, Sarah was lucky enough to break free for a second to spend her college years in North Carolina while playing tennis for her school.  She is naturally competitive, driven, hard working and thrives in a team environment.  After college, she worked in the logistics industry for nearly 4 years and taught tennis.  Through the logistics industry, this has given her skills in helping launch Frau Fowler as a national brand.  She has found her calling in the natural foods world making it back to her Boulder roots.  In her spare time, she can be found biking around her neighborhood in Denver looking for the next hipster coffee shop or yoga studio, lounging in Cheesman Park beating all the boys at Spikeball with her lab, Hallie, and visiting her friends and family across the country.

Best Meal:  Traditional Irish Stew while in Ireland.  As simple as it sounds, nothing is quite as good as meat and veggies after days and days of rain, topped off with a Guinness of course.

Interesting Facts: Was a solo backer packer for a brief stint where the highlight of my trip was riding camels in Morocco.  Sarah is Perry’s second cousin.

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