Tooth Meridians

Understanding the mouth/body connection.

by Perry Louis Fields Founder, Author, Medical Pioneer, Food Scientist and Engineer

The idea that oral health and whole body health is connected, is something that some mainstream dentists still scoff at.  But it’s now 2020 and research has illuminated and confirmed this relationship.  Have you ever wondered why someone can smoke and live to 100 years of age?  Look at their teeth.  They may not be pretty and white, but they probably lack many modern dental surgery practices and they may not have any form of dental decay.

Scientists are consistently finding ORAL BACTERIA in other locations of the body.  The list of linked conditions is relatively small for how dramatic and far reaching it truly is: heart disease, stroke, dementia, cancer, arthritis and kidney disease.  With Lyme disease, spirochetes (the name for a cork-screw shaped bacteria) is found not only in the mouth, but in the brain.  When I had Lyme disease, my main health issue (that I discovered 4 years of being bed ridden) was not Lyme, it was oral infection from routine wisdom teeth extraction!  No physician I saw realized this.  I had to figure it out.  It was later mitigated, but many of these silent infections are not necessarily PAINFUL.

The Meridian System

The new understanding of the mouth-body connection is coming full circle. It’s not just about body chemistry, it’s about the energetic body as well, if we all want to truly be healthy.  In Chinese medicine, they’ve known it for a 1000 years.  It’s called acupuncture.  The meridian system and stimulating it energetically, is a lot like your circulatory system and the relationship with the blood.

Of course there are more ways to treat the body energetically. It’s now acupressure, chiropractic, biological dentistry, energy medicine machines ( I own both German magnetic frequency machine and Nikola Tesla’s multi-wave oscillator that produces harmonic frequency).  I’m crazy about both.

From neurons firing in the brain to electric pulses of our heart, to the subtle meridian energy that encompasses the entire body-  we are ELECTRIC.

It’s why our health deteriorates when we have an electrolyte imbalance or are dehydrated. Electrolytes are the conductive fluid!

What’s this got to do with me teeth?

Every tooth is related to an organ and organ system.   When there is an blockage or disturbance (like with silent infection), you can expect to see other problems like with your gut, your thyroid, yours sex glands, etc.

By observing your oral health, a holistic dentist can get a good idea of your overall wellbeing. If you have a body part that is weak or ill, the tooth along the same meridian could be making it worse. If you have a heart condition, an impacted wisdom tooth could be exacerbating the issue.  Because you have a problem with a certain tooth, it’s not a fated problem for other health issues.  Each person is unique and ultimately guided by their biological terrain.

Bottom line: Take care of your teeth, because it will save you a lot in medical bills later on!

Meridian Tooth Chart
Tooth Meridians