Started by a food scientist and engineer, to make BETTER for you personal care products.  Frau Fowler is one of the few manufacturers (representing less than 1% of the manufacturing world) that’s female.  Our products are made in Colorado, USA.

We focus on making highly innovative oral care from nature and using packaging that can be REUSED or REFILLED, to reduce our footprint.

Our oral care is DENTIST RECOMMENDED and goes beyond non-toxic- it’s made with only food-grade ingredients.  We’re the first NO RINSE dentifrice on the market that supports remineralization of enamel (read on how to remineralize teeth here) and we have innovated the first natural oral care tooth tab (for those in-between, crucial times you can’t get to brushing!).

We also create exciting personal care products outside or just oral care, using the benefits of essential oils.

tooth powder

Who is Frau Fowler?

“Frau” means woman in German. Having a tough ol’ grandma, of German and Scotch-Irish descent (Ruth Kirven Perry) inspired the name. She was married to Dr. William Perry, who was a physician for some 67 years and lived to be over a 100 years of age.  He delivered countless babies in rural South Carolina.  His father and brothers were all doctors. The love of medicine and getting people healthy was passed down through the generations, where it continues today by the youngest of the Perrys, whose first name is “PERRY.”

Frau Fowler is a steward of the land. She is a representation of Artemis from Greek Mythology. Artemis is the God of Hunt While she has a pretty wild side, she is all earthy goodness. She is depicted with a crescent moon headpiece, sometimes with horns and often carrying a bow and arrow. Many classical sculptures in Europe depict her with woodland creatures by her side. She is considered a protector of the land and aids women in the recovery of disease.

To us Frau Fowler is all of these things. She wants what’s best for the environment and what’s best for people. To her all things need balance to stay healthy.

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