Botanical Herbs For Oral Care

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Botanical Herbs For Oral Care Frau Fowler has always been dedicated to the use of natural remedies, all-natural herbs, and essential oils and how they can be prepared to create health and well-being when used daily in personal care. Botanical herbs for oral care include a very wide variety, but below we'll discuss some of our favorite ones! Did you know that peppermint and cinnamon have been used for centuries to freshen the breath and moderate inflammation in the mouth?  We understand that getting used to what natural [...]

OZONE- Easy Germicide

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Ozone- Practical Uses and Applications For Health and Wellbeing Some ways ozone is being used today: ozonated oil applied directly to the body insufflations, a riskier therapy where ozone is blown into the rectum or vagina insufflations in the ear ozonated water, which is consumed (by both pets, animals, and humans) injections, which is often used in dentistry autohemotherapy, where blood is withdrawn and then mixed with ozone before injecting gas bath or sauna Ozonated water or oils can be applied [...]


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CORONAVIRUS - AT HOME ARSENAL and PRACTICAL TIPS Today, I'm writing about a little practicality on the daily things that can prevent or lessen the severity of the flu (in general), although COVID-19 is no flu, it's a virus.  It's also going to be around for a long time and more than likely, come in waves across the globe we people still try to work and the economy still persists on. This will be a wake up call for many people I believe, as it's more [...]

Essential Oil Inhalers – The Science of eoBreathers

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Essential Oil Inhalers- The Science of eoBreathers Frau Fowler started in natural oral care, but our roots have long been established in "plant medicine."  I was the first to formulate oils specifically for the use in Lyme disease, as an alternative method to treating chronic Lyme disease (that typically have multiple systemic co-infections including fungus, mold, viral loads and parasites).When I discovered essential oils and herbs for healthy living, I was also studying energetic medicine. I own machines that would blow most people's minds and have [...]

Stocking Stuffer Ideas / Gift Guide – Healthy, Natural Gifts

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"Healthy" Stocking Stuffer Ideas The Frau Fowler Gift Guide- for all ages! For Coffee Lovers or People who just love FOOD and TASTES! The problem with coffee is hours later you mouth just feels icky and that's typically a sign of over acidity in the mouth.  Acid on teeth is bad for enamel and invites bacteria to thrive. The following SUR'SE oral care tabs are YUMMY, strong in flavor, kills coffee breath, keeps the mouth clean AND supports [...]

How To Remineralize Teeth Naturally With Great Results

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How To Remineralize Teeth Naturally The term remineralize teeth is something you may of seen a lot of lately, but what exactly does that mean? Let’s talk about the problems first, so you know what demineralizes teeth. Dental erosion or acid erosion, is the loss of tooth structure and happens from: the inside out (the health of your internal body), the outside in (from frequency consumption of acidic food and drink or gastric acid, if you have heartburn), nutritional deficiency (we all have them and [...]

Holistic Dentists- Should You See One?

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Holistic Dentists and "Holistic Dental Care" How you age has A LOT to do with your mouth and the health of the contents within. It's interesting that heart doctors will always talk to heart patients about plaque and the ramifications of bad oral health, yet its virtually unmentioned by healthcare professionals AT ALL.  Even heart doctors don't educate their patients about implants and root canals, and what those surgeries can do to a person's health. Every tooth in the body is connected to a meridian [...]

Remineralize Teeth- It takes patience to remineralize teeth and GOOD saliva!

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Remineralize Teeth- What it means, how to do it and what does your saliva have to do with it? Remineralize Teeth Using Your Own Saliva Enamel that is worn and/or demineralized, can get A LOT of help with your saliva!  Enamel can be remineralized from the inside and outside!  Your teeth get "bathed" from the inside with interstitial fluid (the kind that comes from the lymphatic system and it has nutrients in it or LACK of nutrients if you have a bad diet).    If you're ever [...]