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Oral Care, Dental Care Tips

  We get questions. I’ve got answers. Want some enlightening dental care tips? Read on…..   How do I use this product? Tooth powder is used in lieu of a paste.  Just tap the head of a dry toothbrush into the powder – it sticks!  Get the desired amount you want (some prefer a lot, some prefer a lot less based on your preferences).  A little really goes a LONG way.

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Finding help for illness in the most “unusual places”…like your local health food/grocery store!

Finding help for illness in the most “unusual places” …like your local health food/grocery store!   I try not to reminisce too much about my 5 year battle with Lyme, Lupus and other autoimmune disease that cut my professional track career short.  It’s not that it’s a sore subject, I just have moved on emotionally and mentally.  And while, I’m 100% healed with no symptoms whatsoever, the experience definitely shaped

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Expo West 2017 In About 2 Minutes

Expo West 2017 was a blast.  We recap the Frau Fowler Expo West experience in about 2 minutes. Enjoy the 80’s Cop Show music!

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The West is The Best – Reminiscing on natural goodies from Expo West! Yee-Haw!

The West is The Best – Reminiscing on natural goodies from Expo West! Yee-Haw! Where do I start? We wouldn’t of even been to the Expo, had we not won the Naturally Boulder Pitch Slam.    I still can’t believe I won.  The brands coming out of Boulder and Colorado are FIERCE. Thank you Naturally Boulder judges for listening to my passionate talk,  which included me telling the judges to

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On the banes of starting a CPG business!… that’s (Consumer Packaged Goods)

On the banes of starting a CPG business! … that’s (Consumer Packaged Goods)   Has anyone told you that nothing easy is worth doing? I want to cringe when I hear it. Does it really have to be that way?  …..probably so. What that really means is that the crowd thins at the top and you have less competition (which is great when you know the world has less original

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Getting Ready For Expo West!

Gutten tag, We have been real busy getting ready for Expo West, in Anaheim, California, March 9th -12th.  If you haven’t been to Expo West, it’s a real EXPERIENCE. It’s the largest natural foods/supplements/personal care show in the USA.  And we are in it! Come visit us in the Hilton, Hot New Products section! Booth H527 If you can’t make it, make sure to connect with us on social media

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New Flavors Are Coming SOON!

Well, it’s almost here! We have new cans, new displays for retailers and a lot more coming real soon.  It hasn’t been the easiest thing to do.  After we won the pitch slam last year (several months ago), we had to throw it into high gear to be ready for the HUGE ExpoWest show in Anaheim, California, March 8-12th.  We won a booth (MAJORLY AWESOME), but had to scramble to

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Environmentally Friendly…baby steps…sometimes giant steps!

Everyone usually has an idea about what environmentally friendly means.  While there are so many ways to be “earth” friendly, it sometimes takes a while to implement every strategy out there. Somethings we did were people and earth consciousnesses right from the get go (like our packaging) and having a solar powered office.  But we aren’t done! As we employee more strategies to reduce our “footprint” and keep people healthy,

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Naturally Boulder’s Pitch Slam Winners 2016!

Thank you so much to Naturally Boulder, for making Frau Fowler, the pitch slam winner for 2016! We are truly honored to be a part of this community.   Check out Naturally Boulder here! Jane Miller a veteran in the industry, getting a much deserved award. Check out She said, “You know about Chili Cheese Fritos?  You can thank you me.”  LOL    

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