NEW! Refill Your Tooth Powder- it’s ECO FRIENDLY!

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It's BOLD.   It's GREEN.  Well, it's kinda UGLY. You asked for it.......... In a continuous effort to be earth conscious, as reason allows, AND to please our tooth powder fans that started using us because of the older aluminum packaging- WE NOW OFFER REFILLS! We now offer flat bag refills on Mouth Medic, Licorice Mint, Citrus Mint and Power Mint flavors to start. This bag helps reduce waste, by refilling your sturdy jar!  You can refill in singles, multiples or go with our monthly subscription, that sends it each month with FREE SHIPPING. The bags are [...]

The Packaging Talk!

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Packaging is a tough business. Some of the greatest earth-friendly innovations can't be used for many products.  Sonoco (one of the big players in plastics in the US) help create, at Clemson University's packaging lab, one of the first plant-based plastics (using corn). I know, because it happened after I graduated Clemson in a degree in packaging and food science (where we used the Sonoco Lab).  Later on I worked at Virginia Tech at a packaging lab, with a bunch of dudes with pocket protectors (they are [...]

PFAs in Oral B Floss?

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Keeping your gums chemical and toxin free is easy. Just don't trust the BIG GUYS to tell you the truth. We recently had someone ask us about PFAs, since we have a new floss out called eoFLOSS. PFAs are polyfluoroalkyl substances and used in nonstock cookware. Most people have heard about the safety issues revolving nonstick cookware and how it begins to break down (or the lining breached) , making it not so safe. Two of the most popular kinds of floss are made with either NYLON or [...]

Oral Care Tips For Kids – You Haven’t Heard

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Helping Kids With Better Oral Care - it's EASY! Most adults know how to brush their teeth well enough (although the generic advice given in dental offices really leads humans astray).  Helping kids properly can be tough.  My sister has 3 of them, under 6 and it's like herding stray cats. One of the biggest issues and debates in oral care is to use fluoride or NOT.  Fluoride does help remineralize the teeth; in fact, it's the only thing the ADA accepts.  Unfortunately, fluoride is [...]

Chemistry Corner -Teeth Whitening, The Yellow Truth About Fluoride!

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Hi folks, this is my first blog post for Frau Fowler to talk a bit about chemistry!  I know, I know, you’re thinking I’ll either bore you to death or you won’t understand what I’m saying.  Well, I promise (mostly!) to do neither. I want to take little bit of the fear out of chemistry. I know it's dorky but chemistry is really a beautiful thing!  It’s all around us and totally inside us and its what makes all the biology and the world [...]

New Team Member- Eileen Koop, Chemist

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We hired Eileen Koop, an OTC and Green Chemist from Elbert, Colorado to head up operations at Frau Fowler in Colorado Springs, Colorado. To show our commitment to producing effective and natural oral care and personal care products, we felt this was an important move for Frau Fowler. One of the things we love best about Eileen is not just her background, but how straight forward she is (just how you would imagine women scientists to be). We aren't TOUGH LOVE Organics, for nothing! Eileen has over [...]

8.5 Best Natural Oral Care Tips (You’ve Never Heard Of)

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#1 If you can’t pronounce it, don’t put it in your mouth.  If it’s not considered a food grade ingredient, you’re consuming (even if you spit and rinse). The mucosal lining of the mouth is 90% effective in absorption. This is all of the soft tissue in the mouth. It’s why we have sublingual vitamins. and they work! Once it’s in the mouth, you have absorbed it. There has been public service campaigns talking about cosmetics and the amount of toxins you accumulate over years [...]

Inside Dentistry Magazine Features Frau Fowler’s Tooth Powder!

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        Inside Dentistry magazine features Frau Fowler! Inside Dentistry is the complete learning platform for the profession, with a comprehensive collection of informative, managerial, clinical, educational, and practical content designed to support dentists in building and sustaining successful practices.