We hired Eileen Koop, an OTC and Green Chemist from Elbert, Colorado to head up operations at Frau Fowler in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

To show our commitment to producing effective and natural oral care and personal care products, we felt this was an important move for Frau Fowler. One of the things we love best about Eileen is not just her background, but how straight forward she is (just how you would imagine women scientists to be). We aren’t TOUGH LOVE Organics, for nothing!

Eileen has over 30 years of experience making products like Oxiclean, Orange Glo, the first anti-aging skincare lines, Scott’s Liquid Gold, even COLGATE. We won’t punish her for working for the dark side!

My background is more medical in nature. I come from a long line of physicians, am a medical non-fiction write (on curing the impossible- autoimmune diseases and Lyme disease), have been a health coach for over a decade to physicians, Hollywood stars and more.  My personal tragedy of getting sick (with the incurable) is really how I started Frau Fowler.

Our mission has been, and will always be, making effective personal care and oral care products that go beyond just personal care, when used daily. We want to make the products that help you with your OWN HEALTH, without creating chemical burdens or toxicity issues. 

…This is precisely why we are so excited to have Eileen.  We both can play Devil’s advocate as we work together to make the most interesting personal care and oral care products on the market. I’m sure of it.  Chemist know ingredients and chemicals (some good, some not so good). Food scientist know food ingredients.  A food scientist and a green/ OTC chemist could be the stuff dreams of made of when it comes to developing products, especially her history of  success in CPG and mine in figuring out the medically impossible. The only way I got healthy, was thinking about how to recover with my daily habits, which included what to use and what not to use in personal care products.

Daily habits DO produce the most dramatic results.

We’re here to help you have dramatic HEALTHY results.  We’re excited about the future and most grateful to have Eileen on board.

Read Eileen’s bio here.



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