Healing with Frequency

Healing With Frequency

The Harmonic Egg- no, it’s not new age nonsense!

by Perry Louis Fields Founder, Author, Medical Pioneer, Food Scientist and Engineer

I admit, I watch a lot of Star Trek. My first “overnight date” with my now husband was the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas and it was 100% entertaining and hilarious. 

Right now, my downtime TV is Star Trek (Next Gen).  I’m sure Netflix is getting mad at me for not watching their HOT TOP 10.  Star Trek has exceptionally good writing.  The scenarios (almost any single one of them), could be a reality in the future, which is why it’s so interesting!    

In Star Trek, they use a little handheld device in a “sick bay”, that scans the body and tells the doctor what’s wrong…and then also sends a frequency to heal the specific issue.  If I told you that reality really is the future, you may not really believe me now…but you probably will in the next decade.  

Western medicine is so focused on allopathic treatment- drugs, radiation and surgery.  Even in mainstream personal care products we still tend to focus on chemicals, but going BEYOND this is bioenergetics (the focus on the energy from chemical bonds and the energy relationships that occur and can be measured).  Once you know this all can be manipulated using energy, your mind basically explodes.   

Why isn’t frequency for healing not mainstream yet?

I don’t know really, but my guess is that it would be MUCH CHEAPER and LESS PROFITABLE.  We are still in a society that wants power and money and sometimes use the guise as CHARITY.  Just remember, in the 1400-1500s, Paracelsus discovered ZINC and theorized that mineral deficiency was one of the main contributors to illness. He was laughed out, ousted as physician, while medical schools were still using leaches and “blood letting” in the name of progress.  

Frequency Love Affair 

My love affair with frequency happened in 2005 when I almost collapsed at the USA Track and Field finals in the 800m.  I knew something wasn’t quite right with me, but I raced anyway (and shouldn’t have). I later found out I had Lyme disease that even triggered Lupus.   I’m completely disease-free (despite COVID in March) and have been for a very long time, but a thermal image found inflammation in my body around my mouth, and a cavitat scan (sonar imaging), found pockets that were infected where wisdom teeth use to sit.  The story goes that I was so desperate for help (without any experts actually helping me), I went to this “Mountain Doctor,” who practiced medicine out of a cabin from the Civil War, down the loneliest road, deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.   The interesting part is that all the technology is his cabin and the entire situation involving me, would make for a damn good movie. 

During this time I also discovered ONDAMED, bio-magnetic resonance and TESLA’s co-invention with Laskhoky, the Multi-Wave Oscillator.

A newer device for personal self-care is called the Healy that works with an app on your phone (scans the body and then sends signals back). 

I have not had time to dive into this, but it’s looking like Star Trek has perhaps, arrived.  

Healing with Frequency

THE EGG VISIT –  A Harmonic Frequency Chamber

A few weeks ago, the recommendation of visiting The EGG, came from a friend who lives in Colorado Springs.  She’s originally from Germany and she used to be an officer at the Pentagon, in intelligence.

The EGG’s website is here.  It stated, “The Harmonic Egg combines the science of bio resonance with the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry. This integrative energy therapy utilizes light, color, sound, frequency, a

nd vibration to activate the body’s natural ability to balance and restore itself.”

What we know about frequency is that it can be both good and bad.  Typically good resonances are called HARMONIC.  I don’t know what the bad would be called, 5G?  Frequency can be powerful enough to create weapons with.  Many governments have frequency weapons to stop people in their tracks and make them cry like babies (not a good thing).


As we dive into 2021, we will have to decide for ourselves what’s ENOUGH as we get bombarded with satellites, cell phone towers, WI-FI, 4G, 5G, smart devices on all appliances, we’re gonna have to figure out how to fight it.  Unplugging will become very important. We may even have to wear clothes that are antiradiation. 

I embrace MOST  technology, but I clearly understand how it’s going to contribute to health problems as our systems (and probably DNA) has to change with it.  I also know that mental health problems are going to continue to rise and right now it’s fairly staggering how many have lost their marbles…you’re not alone.

The only way to combat this is to embrace what feels good and that’s usually found in nature.  It really never lets you down.

 The EGG is designed to create the ultimate resonance chamber.  While music is played (music that has specific frequency, tone to it), it bounces in that chamber as you sit in a zero gravity chair.  At first, you may be like…this is kind of boring.  When the music stops (the integration period) is where you go …this is very interesting.  Your body hums and you tingle.  Then you are destroyed for the rest of your day, as what I can imagine, is still the integration period.  I woke up the next morning with a headache and I probably didn’t drink enough water afterwards.

I can see it being subtle, but incredibly strong when giving it a REAL GO.  For example, if you have mental health issues, physical ailments and just want to remove them in a holistic way, I’d make this part of your wellness plan and do actual schedule visits. 

My experience may be different from others, just on a superficial surface. I’m misophonic (which is related to autism) and I have an actual hatred of certain sounds. I’ll spare you the details, but I control it very well. 

For me, the initial music had whales speaking to each other and it was very emotional for me, because I hear sounds so deeply.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  It was completely ETHEREAL.


Wanna take a crack at some sound frequency through headphones for free? Pop over to YOUTUBE.  The nicer the headphones, the better the experience. You won’t be in the “ultimate” vibration chamber, but it will be a good experience each time.

Here are a few on my SAVED playlist:

Crystal Bowls at 432HZ Great for playing as you are sleeping, each bowl is tuned up to a certain chakra energizing frequency- waking up feeling refreshed!

Schuman Resonance – Theta Binaural Beats (same)

ADHD “Music” with Isochronic TonesGreat for working on mental tasks, even though you may not be ADHD “official”

111hz music  -Great do-nothing music to “reset” yourself with frequency infused.

Thunder storm and rain sounds, comes with 528HZ   – Great go to gentle music with frequency infused.

Best background binaural beats – Just tones (no music) for anything, working on left and right brain. 

Different frequency HZ ranges will be more helpful for different conditions. 

The future is here, but you have to dig in to find what’s best for you.  This article is just an introduction.  

“The raw EEG has usually been described in terms of frequency bands: Gamma greater than 30(Hz) BETA (13-30Hz), ALPHA (8-12 Hz), THETA (4-8 Hz), and DELTA(less than 4 Hz).  For example: Our brain uses 13Hz (high alpha or low beta) for “active” intelligence. Often we find individuals who exhibit learning disabilities and attention problems having a deficiency of 13Hz activity in certain brain regions that affects the ability to easily perform sequencing tasks and math calculations.”

– Neurohealth Associates