Mouth Magic Bus Build

Mouth Magic got its color.

…we’re never doing THAT again.

For those who are new, Frau Fowler bought a Gillig city bus (the ultimate recycling project) and is using it for transporting ourselves and adopted fur family out to North Carolina, where we will hopefully be moving into our new facility…errr, sometime this year (hopefully).

Since we have an entire warehouse to move and we have to stay in production daily, the bus will provide SOME comfort during the process.

This past month we finally painted it Frau Fowler’s specific pantone that’s blue meets purple.

In conclusion, we won’t be doing THAT again. Specifically speaking on painting an entire bus the proper way (4 coats) and during the worst hail storm/ lightning we’ve had all year. Stopping every 5-10 minutes to let the sweat pour out of our gloves…we finished in one long, miserable weekend.

The good news is that we feel painting an actual car would be easy now.  We are also thrilled that we got to do something different.

If you haven’t seen the tiny house/bus living videos on the internet, it’s pretty neat. The projects are highly creative and the buildouts are unique.  We have a compost toilet, solar and all kinds of fun perks to add this coming month (in our “downtime”).

We’ll create some videos since we’re going GREEN on it and doing some fun tech stuff with it.  We’ll let you know when the first videos are available- should you be curious.

More than likely, Mouth Magic, will be where our customers can come visit and spend the night in the future! We look forward to meeting you one future day.

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