Goodbye Social Media


A few weeks ago, we posted a video that was on YouTube directly related to an OSHA document that was saying vaccine injuries do not have to be reported if and when a company mandates vaccination.  The video was removed by YouTube, but on Facebook they showed it to 1 follower of ours (out of thousands) and the link to the video was removed all together.

When you see censorship for yourself, it is actually chilling.

Besides the censorship and suppression issue, we really feel that we cannot support or be a part of something that is:
1) addictive,
2) creating mental illness & isolation issues, and
3) feeding the division among people.

Only several LARGE tech groups control the increasingly digital world of online advertisement space and UNLIKE the break up of big communications back in the 80s/90s, we have had none of that happen!  In fact, they have been given tax breaks and now want to get into “security” for the US, as reported in the Wall Street Journal today.

We just cannot support this as free people, both personally and professionally.

I realize it’s not POPULAR to talk about this. You will likely NOT see other companies do this until it gets worse (perhaps), because companies have to maintain profit and some are even trapped into keeping their business afloat by using digital ads now.  We know people who spend millions and are actually stuck.

So there it is.  WE QUIT.   We won’t support it. 

We believe we can be successful without it. Human beings (with our data collected) IS the NEW commodity, which will all belong to handful of tech companies and the US government.

We take another HUGE leap (and risk) professionally, but I know when I make hard decisions like this,  I’m doing the right thing.  It’s a lot easier to say YES.

I’m not here just to be the CEO of Frau Fowler.  I’m here to have some soul growth.  This situation crushes my spirit.

Below is video explaining the dopamine reaction of social media and generally speaking, why it’s unhealthy. Only you can decide if you can engage in a healthy way (I believe some can).

We think other platforms will arise and will perhaps support those in the future.

Our website will stay private, we will be removing social login so they cannot access your information or data. 

We will keep this newsletter going, we are going to publish a physical one that goes into orders (so you can enjoy things at your own leisure), and we will offer an RSS feed that you can control when you want to hear from us!

Remember to be kind to EVERYONE and take care of your own happiness first.   Stay fearless.  You’ve got the power!

by Perry Louis Fields Founder, Author, Medical Pioneer, Food Scientist and Engineer

This video touches on the engineering they do to keep you hooked, the dopamine responses, the division and isolation issues it creates…and basically the theft of your content and data.



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