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SUR’SE BIRCH CHILL oral care tabs

  • The only natural oral care tab (patent pending)
  • Supports enamel remineralization
  • Neutralizes food acids quickly while On-The-Go
  • Exceptional Mouth Cleanser and Breath Freshener
  • Kid-friendly flavor
  • Healthy added ingredients like Rose Hip (rich in Vitamin C) or calming Chamomile Extract
  • Using sustainable ingredients (non gmo, organic, etc.)

REFILLS are to be used with the original container, so that the product STAYS FRESH.  Our containers are airtight and are made to be REUSED and also protect the product from being damaged.

Ingredients: Non GMO Xylitol, Calcium Citrate, Organic Gum Acacia, Organic Chamomile Powder, Natural Flavor, Magnesium Stearate,  Salt (Himalayan Pink Salt and Sea Salt) and Organic Stevia.

112 TABS / 100 grams (2.5 times original container)

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5 reviews for SUR’SE in BIRCH CHILL-REFILL

    Cindy Rice
    January 10, 2021
    Like this one second and I hope y’all come out with more flavors
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    Cindy Rice
    December 26, 2020
    Oral care
    Wasn’t to sure I’d liike them, they are different and good
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    August 26, 2020
    This is our favorite flavor of Sur'se! Love the idea of using this between brushing.
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    June 17, 2020
    These are absolutely yummy. They are great for your teeth and they last a long time. Helps with dry mouth as well. Thanks..
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    Georgenn Koster
    May 21, 2020
    Super Good and convenient !
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Mouth Cleanser and Breath Freshener – FAST, FUN, CLEAN!

Enjoy SUR’SE after coffee, before a meeting or if you forgot to brush your teeth! Keep it in the car or at work, so you can halt acid attack that breaks down enamel!

BIRCH CHILL SUR’SE, flavored for kids (OR ADULTS) who need a quick oral care application that’s EASY!

No foaming agents.    No SLS.   SUGAR-FREE.   No preservatives.   Fluoride-free.   GLUTEN-FRIE.  


Non Gmo Xylitol, Calcium Citrate, Organic Gum Acacia, Organic Chamomile Powder, Natural Flavor, Magnesium Stearate, Salt (Himalayan Pink Salt and Sea Salt), Stevia, Dextrin.


Chew or dissolve one tablet after meal or drink to clean the mouth and freshen the breath.


Choking hazard.  Do not give to children under 4 years or age.

Sur'se Oral Care Mouth Cleanser


Refill It


To be more mindful of our footprints, we encourage those who LOVE our products to simply refill them.  We offer them at a lower cost to you AND this reduces waste up 95%. Check this page for updates on what we offer as REFILLS!


Natural Breath Freshener - SUR'SE

Unfortunately "natural breath freshener" doesn't quite sum up all the benefits to eating a SUR'SE oral care tab between meals and drink. The problem for most kids and adults is the many hours that go by BETWEEN brushings, where acid can erode enamel and cause periodontal issues. SUR'SE oral care tabs come adult and kid-friendly flavors.  They support enamel remineralization, freshen breath, halts acid attack and uses NON GMO xylitol, that's clinically proven to keep bacteria from sticking to the teeth.

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