oral health upper respiratory tract

Oral Health IS Upper Respiratory Tract Health

The above picture is a great illustration to point out WHY exactly you would consider using a daily wellness hygiene spray like our new ARTEMIST during cold & flu season (anything related to viruses).

If you had the fortune to see a BODY WORLD exhibit (where cadavers are put on display and dissected perfectly in half, in some instances), it really drives home the point of interconnectivity (one health issue could easily create another).

Respiratory health and gut health are intrinsically tied to great oral care because soft tissue and blood connect EVERYTHING.

Botanical herb, Artemisia, has many names such as mugwort and wormwood. It is a medicinal plant that grows everywhere in the world and has thousands of different varieties. It’s named after the earthy Greek God, Artemis.

Our new eoCLEAN ARTEMIST mint mouth spray and cinnamon mouth spray is a very strong, unique blend to be used as a daily mouth wellness spray for good oral and throat hygiene.

eoCLEAN is our new line of sanitation/personal care items, with an herbal, natural twist.

Get the scoop on this natural mouth spray!

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