Listen up all subscription fans- we have news that pertains to you! 

June and July have been difficult months here, which has prompted some action on our part. We can no longer support A SINGLE tooth powder subscription each month.   All current and past subscriptions have been deleted. 

Here have been the problems:

  • For a 6.99 product, with free shipping, we can only do a letter rate, as first class starts at $3 dollars now.
  • The letter rate package does not come with tracking, so we have extra customer service and people asking “where is my tracking link?”
  • USPS does not always know that the package is letter and often send back piles of them back, which further delays the package.They are 100% within the parameters of a letter rate (but narrowly), we get them back with yellow stickers that just say “undelivered” and citing problems with addresses (which we know there aren’t issues with 15+ addresses at any given time)
  • Letter rates, due to COVID we believe, are on the bottom of the to-do list for USPS. They are not arriving anywhere NEAR the 5-7 day mark.
  • Lastly, we have to hand fill, as these bags don’t fit on our equipment. It’s been rough.

Here’s what we are doing (please read):

  • You can’t get a single subscription anymore, BUT you can get a double sent every 60 days, which is the same thing and you get the custom packaging.
  • We have to go up slightly to cover first class shipping, but are also offering scaling discounts to cover it.  In fact, anything ordered through subscriptions will ALWAYS be at the lowest cost we offer our products.
  • We are offering MORE subscription options. Say you don’t want more tooth powder, maybe you want a SUR’SE refill, you can do that also.  We just need more than one item, so we can ship first class with tracking.
  • We are keeping the same intervals 30, 45, 60 days.
  • You can go into your account at any time and CHANGE anything you want for the next month!  It DOES create a new order right then and starts the time over again, BUT there are no shipping fees to switch when you want too.
  • We are waiving the initial shipping fee- all together, while everyone makes their switch or gets newly started!
  • Also keep in mind as you’re ordering a subscription, you’ll see the discounts once you select 30, 45 and 60 days. You’ll also see discounts on optional products (like your third choice of tooth powder).
  • Make sure when you check out, you’re in your account, OR you can start a new one.  You can also use social login when prompted to save your information. This makes it easy.

Check out the subscription options here.