Our Stance on Fluoride

Many health care professionals and researchers that say with all the fluoride in tap water, we are getting more than what we need....perhaps to a dangerous fault. We tend to lean to the dangerous fault side of the argument. While it's good for cavities, it's potentially toxic and we believe most people are getting their fill of it.

Oral health is the key to a healthy body.

A veterinarian will tell you that if your dog has a diseased tooth, it needs to be removed or your dog will get sick.  In the USA, many of our dentists attempt to “help” a person keep that diseased tooth by giving a procedure called a “root canal.”  It just so happens to cost a lot more money than pulling a diseased tooth.

Part of keeping your teeth healthy is  DIET, how well you supplement and your oral hygiene practices!

We suggest the recommended readings to understand what’s at stake when you have oral pathology  from root canals, wisdom teeth extract,  caps or crowns and implants.  Oral pathology can devastate a healthy body, lead to all kind of others issues and has been linked to cardiovascular disease.

If you or anyone knows of someone who is physically ill with an autoimmune disease of any sort, please guide them to a biological dentist.  For reference to a biological dentist- please visit: http://journal.iabdm.org/

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