Essential oils for headaches, muscle pain and more!

Excellent essential oils for headaches- Headache Relief essential oil has a minty, sweet floral smell that aids in relaxation. We use wild-crafted and organic essential oils that are highly useful for headaches and migraine support.

Our Muscle and Joint essential oil is for topical application (although has wonderful awakening, menthol smell when diffused). This essential oil is for pain issues and aid sore muscle and tendons (works great with massage).

Breathe Easy is our relief essential oil geared towards those under the weather or need respiratory support. For those who love herbaceous, woody smells, this is excellent aromatherapy.

These can be diffused, used in aromatherapy, massage and/or topical application.  Expertly crafted using essential oils that promote well-being. These are value-sized and value-priced high quality organic oils, without the multi-level marketing price!  You can discover more about our essential oil blends here.

Check out more essential oils in our wellness essential oil blend collection here.

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