Essential Oil Blends- New!

eoBlends by Frau Fowler are highly quality essential oil blends for MOOD, WELLNESS, RELAXATION and RELIEF.

Our essential oil blend collection was created based on the lack of mastery blends for serious conditions in the retail space that provided a LOW cost for HIGH quality oils (without the multi-level marketing price).

  • Our essential oils are broken down into categories, some blends can be used for multi-purposes.
  • They contain USDA Organic Certified Oils and Wild-crafted oils.
  • Each oil has it’s own unique batch number printed on the bottle, for tracking purposes.
  • These essential oil blends are expertly crafted for specific conditions.
  • We use essential oils that are not commonly found in the retail space, but offer incredible therapeutic value.

eoBlends were also finalized by figuring out which version had the best aroma.  All final versions of a particular blend were created by knowing plant knowledge and then picking the best aromatic version of that blend, so that all essential oil blends were highly useful in aromatherapy. 

Because any specific single oil has hundreds to thousands of different metabolites, essential oil BLENDS are far more helpful and healing, than SINGLES.  Essential oils have a high propensity for healing various conditions because of their shotgun approach. This is something we will talk further about in future posts.

The essential oils that were selected for blends, were selected based on plant chemistry and NOT USING essential oils from plants that contain high levels of ketones, so that the blends were created with safety in mind.  Although, we do not talk about taking essential oils internally, there are many wonderful online resources about doing just that.  For an individual who wants to use essential oils, our blends are safe for whatever an individual chooses.

Aromatherapy is a common practice and these oils all diffuse wonderfully and have a very exotic aroma.  Some essential oils are best used for topical application, like our Muscle and Joint essential oil blend or Circulation essential oil blend.  Even Strengthen and Vitality are wellness oils that are good for energizing the adrenal glands and can be applied topically.

We will post more information here about essential oil blends in the very near future. Enjoy eoBlends!

Below are the essential oils that are contained in specific essential oil blends.

Frankincense essential Oil – Under the Weather, Focus InOvercome, Strengthen, Get Centered

Lavender essential Oil – Under the Weather, Focus In, Stressed Out, Grief GoneGet Centered

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – Grief GoneGet Centered, Vitality , Focus In, Stressed Out, Tension Ease, Love You, Peace Out, Bliss Out

Ravensara Essential Oil – Breathe Easy, Soul Mission, Vitality , Strengthen 

Lime Essential Oil – Clear MindUnder the Weather

Sage Essential Oil – Bone Up,  CirculationStressed OutGet Centered

Sandalwood Essential Oil – Peace OutOvercomeFocus InGet Centered

Rose Essential Oil – Vitality ,Grief Gone, Love you,

Rosemary Essential Oil – Breathe Easy Bone UpStrengthen

Patchouli Essential Oil – Tension EaseClear Mind

Myrrh Essential Oil- Vitality , OvercomeGet Centered

Lemon Essential Oil – Love YouSoul MissionGet Centered

Neroli Essential Oil-  Grief Gone, Get CenteredBliss Out

Melissa Essential Oil – Focus In, Soul Mission, Bliss OutStressed Out

Geranium Essential oil – Get CenteredCirculationLove you

Jasmine Essential Oil – Clear Mind

Wintergreen Essential Oil – Muscle and Joints

Pine Essential Oil – Breathe Easy,

German Chamomile oil- Get CenteredStressed OutTension Ease, StrengthenHeadache Relief

Cedarwood Essential Oil – Clear MindOvercome, Bliss OutVitality , Focus In

Petigrain Essential Oil – Grief GoneStressed Out

Mandarin Essential Oil – Peace Out , Love you,  Stressed Out

Bergamont Essential Oil – Clear Mind , Love youSoul Mission

Orange Essential Oil – Tension EaseLove youGet Centered

Grapefruit Essential Oil – Peace Out

Angelica Essential Oil – Vitality

Peppermint Essential Oil- Muscle and Joints, Vitality , Headache ReliefUnder the Weather

Spearmint Essential Oil – Under the Weather,  Circulation

Marjoram Essential Oil – Muscle and Joints, Vitality , Headache ReliefGrief Gone

Spikenard Essential Oil –  Stressed Out

Caraway Seed Essential Oil – Vitality

Helichrysum Essential Oil –  Headache Relief,  Focus InMuscle and Joints

Spruce Essential Oil-  Get Centered

Hyssop Essential Oil –  Get Centered

Rosewood Essential Oil –  Get Centered , Grief Gone

Oregano Essential Oil –  Circulation

Nutmeg Essential Oil –  Circulation , Strengthen

Black Cumin Essential Oil- Strengthen

Tangerine Essential Oil – Tension EasePeace Out

Listea Cubea Essential Oil – Peace Out

Holy Basil Essential Oil – Strengthen

Clove Bud Essential Oil – Strengthen , Muscle and Joints

Cypress Essential Oil –  Muscle and Joints

Cinnamon Essential Oil – Under the Weather

Star Anise Essential Oil – Overcome

Galbanum Essential Oil – Overcome

Myrtle Essential Oil – Circulation

Bay Laurel Essential Oil – Circulation

Elemi Essential Oil – Soul Mission

Ginger Root Essential Oil – Under the Weather

Camphor Essential Oil – Bone Up