Q: I am looking for information in regard to what happens to the meridians when a tooth is extracted? I see a biological dentist, prescribe to biological dentistry, but cannot seem to find anyone too knowledgeable about this. I am missing five teeth (pulled by a biological dentist to remove ligaments as well), due to root canals, and am wondering if recent health conditions (increased cholesterol, plaque in arteries and decreased liver function) are related. When a tooth is extracted correctly, what happens with the meridian connection, and does it still function?
Thank you, Heather

Answer:  Hi Heather!   We wrote about the phenomena of tooth meridians in a past post, which is included below and includes some tooth charts on that page.  Once you know the location of your “problem” teeth you can look up organ and organ systems related to the meridian of that tooth. If the tooth is now missing from that area, the meridian is still active whether a tooth resides there or not!   It’s basically an electrical grid that covers the body.

Plaque in the arteries is usually related (more often than not) to very serious conditions in the mouth. The problem is that when gum disease is at a certain progression, there is an “opening” where PLAQUE can flow freely into the bloodstream from the mouth.   Before plaque turns into plaque, it’s usually known as BIOFILM (also known as the “hairy tooth feeling”).   This issue is more than likely NOT a meridian issue.

The problem with plaque in the arteries is that it accumulates and a health overhaul, starting in the mouth, needs to happen first before heart attacks and strokes occur!  Enzymes (taken on empty stomachs) can help break down these fibrin deposits. 

Liver function could certainly be, but just note that MANY things create problems for the liver.  We have a real problem right now with industrial pollution, but maybe even more of a problem with glyphosate from GMO and “new age” farming practices. These pesticides are found in MOST mother’s breast milk!  That’s the scope of the problem. More than likely, the additives found in foods (which are abundant) and the issue with industrial farming is the problem- it’s what you’re consuming.

If you’re taking medications, almost all medications interact with the liver (to be processed) and the damage and impairment to this organ is REAL.  Most people need a liver enzyme panel before being prescribed medications to see what enzymes they are missing (naturally / from genetics), so that one is not given a drug that creates intense illness.

Why doctors prescribe away and not talk about liver health, nor test for it, is just another problem with the healthcare system.

How to know if the meridian is healthy? 

Well, that’s the million dollar question.  Knowing if that meridian is healthy is also THE KEY INDICATOR of a healthy tooth or a healthy area where  a tooth use to be!

X-ray is used by most dentists, but the problem is there are different types of X-ray  and many aren’t using the higher tech versions (because they are expensive) and then there are human errors. Sometimes infection is so bad and YET so hard to see (it looks like a tiny little pin prick).

So some biological dentists go The Full Monty and once they get use to using EDS systems (electrical dermal system) for testing the energetic drop of a meridian, they KNOW with most certainly if that meridian is healthy or not.   Some rely on THIS information MORE THAN X-RAY. 

So the answer is, you’ve got to find a dentist who uses an EDS system.

In the future, more will use them because people will know about it.  Kind of like everything.  People are going to demand a certain level of healthcare, so naturally it’s got to happen!


  • Eat SUR’SE, use expanding dental floss and use our tooth powder and keep the biofilm from forming on your teeth and gums.
  • Medications, pesticides in farming and additives in foods, create major LIVER health issues (and other problems). Your liver can regenerate and actually be detoxed (and regrow).
  • Find a dentist who uses EDS to make sure your teeth meridians are healthy and to have a “second system” to detect infections from disease teeth, from fillings and from infections that are hidden under root canals or cavitations (the pockets where teeth use to sit) from extracted teeth.
  • Plaque is extremely unhealthy in your mouth, effecting ALL other parts of your body, by way of your circulatory system.   You must have good oral hygiene and taking ENZYMES at a certain age is SMART -especially proteolytic ones on an empty stomach.

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