Tongue Scraping

Tongue Scraping

Ancient Practices That Work

Ayurvedic self-care uses the principles of ayurvedic medicine that originated in India more than 3,000 years ago. It’s one of the world’s oldest holistic “whole-body” healing systems.

Tongue scraping removes toxins on the tongue and keeps them from being absorbed.

But it also:

  • Removes undigested food particles,
  • Enhances sense of taste,
  • Promotes digestive and oral health, and
  • Removes tongue coating that contributes to bad breath!

Best practices for scraping the tongue are as follow: Scrape the tongue first thing in the morning, before drinking water. Stick your tongue out and leave it loose and heavy. Work the scrapper back to front 3-5 times, rinsing the scrapper after each pull. Follow with our tooth powder.

What does the coating on your TONGUE tell you?

People who live in drier climates have less propensity for tongue coatings (at least the heavy ones you can visibly see). Even if you live in a drier climate it’s a very good oral health and overall health practice.

People who live in damper conditions (more moisture in the air), like Oregon, Florida, Maine can often have highly visible coatings. In Chinese medicine damper environments can lead to “dampness.” This can often lead to a higher level of fungal infections and what’s known as candida (which is fungus in the blood) and is VERY prevalent health condition. Eating foods that have sugar (for example) can lead more internal fungus. Dampness just describes an internal damp system, which is clammy, sluggish, swollen, phlegmy! Yeast infections, joint aches, sinus infections, chronic fatigue, acne are just end results of this long lasting condition.

While you can eat foods that “dry” you up, dampness can show itself on the tongue, by a white coating or heavy yellow coating.

Scraping your tongue is another action you can take to removing dampness internally, but if you feel that the above conditions are applicable, you may want to consider visiting the plethora of natural healthcare professionals like: nutritionists, naturopaths, Chinese medicine doctors , acupuncturists and the the many others who can help!

The good news is that many of our stronger oral care products are indeed anti-fungal, even some of our mints like Mouth Medic and Botanical Mint.

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Copper tongue scraper


Copper is a antimicrobial metal. In vitro assays the surface of copper kills 99.9% of micro-organisms within 2 hrs. It’s antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial. This ancient form of self-care removes toxins on the tongue and keeps them from being absorbed.

-Clears toxins & bacteria from the tongue.
-Helps remove tongue coating that contributes to bad breath.
-Removes undigested food particles.
-Promotes digestive and oral health.
-Enhances sense of taste.
-Pure copper is an antimicrobial metal.

Tongue scraper includes carrying bag and direction card.

We now have tongue scrapers at Frau Fowler, in a silky carrying pouch.



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