We celebrate the beginning of 2022 as another pivotal year for mankind.  It will surely be filled with revelations. We gladly accept it and encourage it, as part of our destiny, growth and evolution while we’re here.

We know that 2022 for Frau Fowler means more of GOING AGAINST THE HERD.  We’re not scared. We’re not worried about what’s unpopular either.

It means discovery and awareness, which is always exciting!  It means accepting that doors CLOSE and miraculously on cue better ones OPEN.  We will just keep stepping through those thresholds with everyone else.  We’re excited to see the expansion of others as realizations occur.  We’re excited to see the evolution of “do no harm” medicine (and dentistry), and the doctors, practitioners, nurses and dentists who embrace the shift that’s all but inevitable.  We think 2022 is the revolutionary year.  We’re thankful and grateful to be alive, even during challenging times.

We look forward to truth.

Wishing you a prosperous and healthy 2022!

-Frau Fowler

We’re making ALL KINDS of changes here at Frau Fowler…well, since 2020 really.  As we strive for our own independence to ensure our success and to remove ourselves from outdated ways of doing business (like the predatory kind), we thank you so very much for using our products and sharing them with friends and family!

If there is a product you’d love for us to make – let us know!



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