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(where money goes to the right place AND makes a difference)

As some of you may know, last year we not only donated to The Place, and we also matched every single holiday gift that was purchased on our website last year, to a homeless youth at The Place.

November is National Runaway and Homeless Youth Awareness Month and we are helping them with their fundraiser. 

We love supporting this nonprofit. It’s pretty tragic to hear of children running away because their home environments are so bad.  This nonprofit is dedicated in keeping them safe, but also helping them with education and work… and they have a stellar track record!

Robert Kennedy’s leadership at the CHD is amazing. They have multiple legal initiatives. The mission will be to focus on ending these epidemics by:

  • Exposing causes and eliminating harmful exposures,
  • Holding those responsible accountable,
  • Seeking justice for the injured, and
  • Establishing safeguards to ensure this never happens again.

The CHD talks about everything that nobody else wants to touch, whether it’s lead in baby food, pollution in the Hudson River Valley, exposure to agro-chemicals, the alarming rate of autism in children and a WHOLE lot more.  While Robert Kennedy has been deemed a spreader of misinformation (as of late), the only reason WHY there is nothing that can be pin pointed AS MISINFORMATION, is because his work is thoroughly vetted and ready for legal action.  He wins lots of cases.  This guy is the guy nobody wants you to know about, that’s why you may not of heard of him. Since he deals with rotten apples up close, we think he deserves the support.

Just recently a radio host, named Joshua Lane, whom we had the pleasure to meet in a California Lassen’s years ago, did an interview with Robert Kennedy.  It’s a discussion for the times.  You can listen here.


10% of the proceeds from your order, now until October 20th,  will be donated to THE PLACE or THE CHD.


Put in your notes section at checkout:  THE PLACE or THE CHD. 

If you put both, 5% will go to each cause! 

If you forget to put anything, we’ll split it for you.


Thank you for your support!

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