The front wave

This is what we tell our friends about what we know so far.

by Perry Louis Fields Founder, Author, Medical Pioneer, Food Scientist and Engineer

Divide & Conquer

My first year of West Point I had a military strategy class.  The first week of class we spoke about division being used to conquer.  It’s not a nice topic, but a hidden tactic used on populations.  The term used to described the “go along” is called mass psychosis or mass formation.  (Psychologist Jordan Peterson talks with Jacko on this topic).  I might be a good person to recognize it, I left West Point at age 20, which was a terribly hard decision to make as a “kid.”  I also tried to be hypnotized every weekend there for fun (part of the entertainment) and was constantly asked to leave the stage-first and always surprised at which cadets would start barking like a dog without any knowledge of it happening.  

It’s pertinent to talk about this because as we leave for the holidays, during the time of year when families and friends get together, we must remind ourselves that WE are not each other’s enemies.  It’s important to stick together.    

This year will be the most important year to approach each other and ask questions with humility and curiosity.  It’s time to exchange ideas, ask questions, and be honest about what we truly know VS what we’ve been told (by TV, news, authority figures and media) and to distinguish between the two.  

We are all dealing the worst government and institution corruption seen in hundreds of years, but perhaps it’s even more precedent since we live in a global economy and central planning takes on a new meaning. The term that is showing up in the alternative media is “captured” and what that means in relation to governments and institutions.  Which institutions are captured– Dark Horse Podcast 

You can see why people want to give up on “capitalism” but we aren’t in capitalism, we are in corporatism and we will have less freedoms here soon.

In February of 2020, after we got sick with COVID, I wrote a cryptic text to my mother out of some sort of anger/intuition, “we are enslaved and we don’t even know it.”  I have not been sick since I got natural immunity.

We used ozone, which I spoke about last year and research is now out about ozone as a cure to COVID– go figure.  I still neti pot with ozone a few times a week and/or drink ozone water.

The Chat

A few weeks ago I answered the phone at work and spoke to a gentleman from San Francisco. When people approach me with curiosity and a willingness to want to know more, the ENERGY is good and the conversation is always GREAT, even if the opinion differs.    

One topic discussed was how many people did we know that has either died from the vaccine or been injured from it.  My curiosity when people say they know someone who died of COVID is were they vaccinated first?  What many aren’t seeing is the data that says the exact opposite of what’s being presented “as official knowledge.” 

We both had family members injured or dead from the vaccine.  I know of a lot now. I can list them if anyone is curious. 

The FDA is trying to seal records for something like 55 years (hiding results).  If you follow this through the CHD and other people fighting back, you realize that we’re dealing with a whole lot of lies. 

It’s not a virus, it’s biological warfare. We have to start using the right term.  (Keep reading and I can show you.)

These are the kinds of conversation that everyone needs to be having and it does take bravery and a sense of humility to have them!  

When you know the media is bought, not just by Bill Gates, who spent over 300 million dollars giving to certain media outlets and outright owning many, it’s no wonder why you hear these awesome division tactics few people can recognize, because it’s done so perfectly well! 

It really is a masterful execution.  

“White supremacist” has been used to describe normal white people.

“Antivaxxer” to describe anyone questioning the vaccine who is doing their own research.

“Conspiracy theorist”  to describe people like Julia Assange (well anyone who questions the narrative). Some of these people have data that would crush this New World Order.  

I told David (whose wife is African American) that I grew up in South Carolina and I have never actually met a “white supremacist.”  

I don’t watch the news anymore. 

They do not get my time or attention.

I do not comply.

Most people aren’t aware that Hitler placed Germany in a state of emergency 10 years before WW2.  Jews slowly had their rights taken away and some tried to warn their friends and family to leave, but most did not believe anything bad would happen!   

This is a slippery slope.  There is a reason why people are not complying.  They know it doesn’t end here.  People come to this planet with different intuitions, we are not heretics for seeing it and being on the front of the wave of opposition. People who DON’T COMPLY are your friends, NOT your enemies.  I read an article once in Psychology Today that said people who cuss are far more likely to be brave and to help others in stressful and life-threatening situations.  I cuss a lot, for the record. 

The First Amendment has been taken.  Anyone dissenting has had their posts removed from social media or their account closed, which is now an arm of the government.  China does the same thing.

News of Aboriginals in containment camps, begs the question why it hasn’t made news HERE?  This video hurts to watch as they are begging for the US to come help them and are being locked up.  It’s worth getting a TELGRAM account, just so you can see it and ask yourself the question, why it’s not news?  

Millions of people are protesting everywhere, videos being removed from YouTube, so ask yourself why this hasn’t made the news?

You can pretend it’s not happening, but it’s it.

The Second Amendment has always been up for debate (even though it’s not).  The only reason why Australia, Austria, China and Germany “containment camps” haven’t happened here yet, is because we own assault rifles and are armed to the teeth.   It’s that simple!


I got a call from a deputy sheriff in Colorado.  He asked me about a suspicious package I sent to Jeffrey Graves, Colorado Attorney General.  


I sent him Dr. Martin’s dossier, who is a patent researcher among other things.  His research has spanned over decades and he discovered thousands of patents on COVID, biological warfare and people looking to profit from this EVENT.  He’s a very sharp cookie. 

Watch COVID fraud interview – remarkable and profound.

I sent this list of war criminals, with his timeline of this attack and the Robert Kennedy book on Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, who are eugenicists and are CRIMINALS.

David Martin’s Dossier 

Criminal Charges Related To Covid

Timeline For Federal Funding For SARS

Jacobson VS MASS

Send these to your attorney generals in your state, because only a trial by citizens will stop it.  It’s one of the few things you can do, besides not complying.

If you’re highly curious to know more about what’s happening behind the scenes, I highly suggest Robert Kennedy’s book here.   It’s worth it.

What does transhumanism mean?

There are people who want humans to merge with technology. There are people who actually think this is how we evolve, but of course, it’s by people who want MORE POWER , MORE CONTROL and see MORE PROFIT.

If you read warfare tech industry news, there is an absolute onslaught of patents from everything ranging from birds connected to WIFI to spy on the population to graphene oxide that “conspiracy theorists” claim are in the jabs that explains how this material can be controlled by frequency. 

Project Veritas, was raided by the FBI, but I heard them speak about finding this in the jabs and will not report on graphene until they can formalize what they found. 

My dad was in the FBI and he’s disgusted with what we call “domestic terrorist.”  He was in Miami during the “Scarface” years and he can tell you what domestic terrorist really look like. They don’t take selfies, they cut people in two with chainsaws and drywall them into buildings in the southwest- NARCOS.

If you go looking hard enough, you will discover all of this.  I’m simply telling you what I know or what I understand now to be true.


Not scared. Not fearful.   

The highest manifestation is to have personal authority and responsibility over one’s life. It’s not easy to do, if it were more people would be practicing this art of self-control and self-reliance.   I believe that people who do this, will THRIVE in the future.  

My challenge to you these holidays is go visit EVERYONE you know and talk about what’s happening with humility and curiosity.

We have to first be aware of it, to be able to challenge it. 

We are not fearful, we just aren’t going to comply – EVER.   

A few more resources

The Most Important Podcast You’ll Hear About Covid-19

COVID 19 vaccine project

Lies in Medical Journals

Interview with Catherine Austin Fits – making people sick on purpose

Dr. Suneel – why science died

Dr. Peter McCullough – false talking points 

British Medical Journal calls Facebook out for deceit

YouTube took down all of Judy Mitkowizt interviews and replaced them with their “doctors’ FACT-CHECKING her interviews. There is not a single video up now of her discussing what she knows.   Fact-checkers are always NOT NEARLY as informed people as you would think that title would require.  It’s almost funny to watch.

I heard Judy back in 2020 and she is a credible person.

She is interviewed in PLANDEMIC.

What I think might happen

I think that there could be an event that creates more blackouts on social  media as a way to control narratives. When Facebook “blacked out” recently they said it was a technical thing.

I think it’s prudent to start switching to other social media.

Rumble and BitChute have videos that are banned on YouTube.

We use DUCK DUCK GO as our search engine, which opens up a WHOLE NEW world you’re not seeing. It also protects our privacy more.

I think there will be more force and more pressure to do what you’re told.

I think more money printing will turn into a digital currency owned by the FED, which will be further enslavement because it would be tied to a health passport. 

Maybe you can’t even BANK anymore, if you don’t comply.

Other removals

While other companies are pretending everything is ALL GOOD and afraid to rock the boat, we wouldn’t be TOUGH LOVE ORGANICS if we did not, would we?

QuickBooks– canceled, owned by Intuit/Bill Gates. 

MailChimp- canceled, sold to Intuit/Bill Gates.

Wall Street Journal – canceled.

LINKED IN– canceled our business profile, own by Intuit/Bill gates. Did you ever wonder why they got rid of First Responder COVID medical group? They were talking about how to treat COVID in the ER successfully. Bill Gates profits off of vaccines- conflict of interest.

All News– canceled completely.

PayPal– canceled, owned by Peter Thiel (also owns most big tech companies and many eugenics companies).

Facebook (META)– canceled them for suppression.

Instagram– canceled them for suppression.

YouTube – canceled them for suppression.

Google – removing our Gmail account, as they can remove your ability to see specific newsletters you sign up for, they also support suppression on their SEARCH big time.

Wikipedia– a past bastion of information, now edits to suppress and censor. Disappointing.

GEICO- canceled, owned by Warren Buffer who gives half of his money to Bill Gates. We work with Tenisha, a small, family-owned supplier. 

Wells Fargo – removed our mortgage, worked with smaller provider who won’t sell our loan. Warren Buffet owns most of it.

GMO– refusing all food that is GMO and not ORGANIC, not supporting seed control, manipulation of nature to make some RICH and others POOR…not to mention what else is put in there with CRIPSR tech.

AMAZON- Jeff Bezos gave 100 million dollars to a certain politician, FOR FAVORS…you know people who support lockdowns, because his business grows as others fail.  We leave Amazon next year.  They will not be investigated by the DOJ either for antitrust, something we know  PERSONALLY that they should. 

Want to fight?

Find out who owns what you use daily.  That’s a good start.  

I hate bullies.

I know that to deal with bullies you have to fight them back quickly so they leave you alone.  I learned that in middle school.  When I told my mother what I’ve been doing for the last months, she said “you’re a brave girl.”   I didn’t want to have to do this. 

When we tell our friends this we get many reactions.  Some know MORE than us.  Some don’t respond.  Some want to wish it away.  Some entertain the thoughts a bit more.  My family is 100% aligned on this, which is comforting, but I know many families are not (yet at least).

Waking up takes time.

Practice patience as people figure it out.

Take care of yourself, but stand up for yourself.

For everyone who already knows this (and there are many), YOU’RE NOT ALONE. 

This letter is dedicated to all of the HEROS out there.



You don't have to trust what I'm saying, you just have to TRUST YOURSELF.

That's the truth.

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