eoBlends by Frau Fowler

eoBlends were created based on the lack of mastery blends for serious conditions in the retail space that provided a LOW cost for HIGH quality oils (without the multi-level marketing price).

Essential oil blends are broken down into categories like Sleep, Relief, Wellness and Mood.

They contain USDA Organic Certified Oils.

Each oil has it’s own unique batch number printed on the bottle.

Blends are expertly crafted for specific conditions.

Blends were also finalized by figuring out which version smelled the BEST. All final versions of a particular blend were created by knowing plant knowledge and then picking the best smelling version of that blend.

Because any specific single oil has hundreds to thousands of different metabolites, BLENDS are far more helpful and healing, than SINGLES.  Essential oils have a high propensity for healing various conditions because of their shotgun approach. This is something we will talk further about in future posts.



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