by Perry Louis Fields Founder, Author, Medical Pioneer, Food Scientist and Engineer

mask breath

It’s all about HYGIENE these days, without a doubt.  Instead of focusing on just hands, make sure you focus on your mouth.

We know that flus are spread via tiny particles that are airborne, but they can also start in the mouth and with the need to wear masks, mask breath is a real thing!  

The statistics aren’t looking great for dental hygiene though:

  • 3 out of 4 millennial brush their teeth ONCE a day. (Delta Dental, 2018)
  • Only 30% of adults floss daily. (US News, 2016)
  • More than half of people asked (57%) experience tooth sensitivity (Electric Teeth, 2017†)
  • 31.6% of American adults have untreated dental caries (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014)
  • Nearly 50% of the US population (aged 30 years and above) suffers from periodontal diseases. (Future Market Insights, March 2019)
  • On average 57 pounds of added sugar per person is being consumed in the USA each year (University of California San Francisco)

We can’t help sugar consumption, but we have the easiest solution to MOST of those problems above- SUR’SE oral care tabs.


  • It’s statistically proven that brushing ONE more time a day (making 3 times a day) dramatically protects you from cavities and gum disease. If you can’t get to brushing, EAT one SUR’SE after lunch, snacks or drinks.
  • Tooth sensitivity is typically created by acidic conditions in the mouth overtime.  SUR’SE shifts the mouth from acidity to alkaline in a split second.  It creates protection quickly.
  • SUR’SE supports REmineralization of enamel (which put minerals back on the teeth, which is how you beat sensitivity). In combo with our toothpowder, you’re creating a lasting shift that is often dramatic.
  • Gum disease is when plaque congregates and STICKS– this is the gross hairy feeling you get on your teeth.  If you have issues with plaque, SUR’SE Fire Spice, Peppermint Chamomile and our CBD SUR’SE, uses oils that are useful.  They can tone up gum tissue, but the oils themselves have been studied as biofilm busters- meaning they do a good job at blasting through these particles.

Instead of sucking on cavity-creating sugary mints or dealing with the metabolic and health impact of fake-sugar like aspartame, get to the source of oral health issues with SUR’SE, a much cleaner alternative, that kids can enjoy also.

Want to see a specific flavor made?  Let us know.  Next year, we are releasing more flavors to choose from and we want to hear from you!

Why isn’t CBD SUR’SE on our website anymore? Because banks don’t want to process credit cards relating to CBD purchases.  This will change in the future.  For now, email us on how to get it and the deal we’re offering.

Saliva pH is not the only issue. It contains enzymes, some are quite useful against bacteria, there are also antibacterial compounds. Mucus in saliva helps moisten the membranes in the mouth.  Electrolytes (including bicarb) are secreted into the oral cavity.
(J Nat Sci Biol Med. 2011 Jan-Jun; 2(1): 53–58.)

Basically, all this means that to have GOOD ORAL HEALTH, you don’t have to poison yourself with more fluoride that’s already prevalent in our tap water.  Working with your saliva and your body’s natural defenses is a GREAT WAY to keep teeth health and enamel healthy.

When you use our tooth powder, for example, salts/calcium are buffering acids and suspended next to your tooth and enamel is “bathed” in this slurry and absorbed by the tooth each time. It’s why this product has become the HEALTHY and NATURAL way to get off of “desensitizing toothpastes” and provide long term BENEFITS.

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