It’s BOLD.   And It’s GREENER

You asked for it……….

In a continuous effort to be earth conscious, as reason allows, AND to please our tooth powder fans that started using us because of the older aluminum packaging- WE NOW OFFER REFILLS!

We now offer flat bag refills on Mouth Medic, Licorice Mint, Citrus Mint and Power Mint flavors to start. This bag helps reduce waste, by refilling your sturdy jar! 

You can refill in singles, multiples or go with our monthly subscription, that sends it each month with FREE SHIPPING.

The bags are kraft layered bags (meaning the have a layer of aluminum and a thin coating of plastic. (Sorry we had to have barrier properties, otherwise your tooth powder would have zero taste and the oils in the product would eat through the paper and arrive to you with far less therapeutic value.)  Shipping is reduced as well, since it can be shipped in a different classification for US residents (yea!).

Refill your current jar OR opt for a our monthly flat-bag subscription (that gets free shipping after the initial order and comes in a refillable jar first order)!

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