Platinum Swag Bag Bundle (Under $50)

You want your friends and family to brush in HIGH ECO STYLE and to get the cleanest mouth ever. You want them to have joy while doing their personal care routine and being stuck at home all the time.

This is a great gift idea for those wanting to give something SPECIAL and potentially life changing. 

Give the gift of a healthy new experience, one that won’t be forgotten!

What’s Inside:

  • 20,000 nano toothbrush
  • Full size tooth powder – you pick the flavor
  • Glass and bamboo tooth powder jar – you pick the style
  • Refillable glass expanding floss container– you pick the color
  • Copper tongue scrapper
  • Cool holiday bag – you pick the style
  • SUR’SE oral mint– you pick the flavor
  • Gift card with coupon

Buy now, while supplies last.