Ozone- Practical Uses and Applications For Health and Wellbeing

by Perry Louis Fields Founder, Author, Medical Pioneer, Food Scientist and Engineer

Some ways ozone is being used today:

  • ozonated oil applied directly to the body
  • insufflations, a riskier therapy where ozone is blown into the rectum or vagina
  • insufflations in the ear
  • ozonated water, which is consumed (by both pets, animals, and humans)
  • injections, which is often used in dentistry
  • autohemotherapy, where blood is withdrawn and then mixed with ozone before injecting
  • gas bath or sauna

Wound Healing

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Ozonated water or oils can be applied topically to address infection and/ or consumed orally to helps boost the immune system.

Oral Care

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Ozonated water makes a highly potent flavorless mouthwash!

Viral Loads and Pathology (like Lyme Disease)

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Ozone has been used to treat Lyme disease, SARS, AIDS, EBOLA, COVID, and other bacterial infections and virus infections.

Sinus Health

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Ozonated water can be used in a neti pot to mitigate viral loads very quickly and efficiently.  Great for anyone who gets sinus infections or has seasonal allergies, or feel a cold or flu coming on (getting sneezy).

Female Health

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Ozone insufflations show promise inactivating bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasite and yeast (candida).  Studies have shown high value for its use in cysts, fibroids and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and other abnormalities.

Lymphatic System Support

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Ozone in the use of a spa and bagging technique may improve circulation by cleaning the arteries and veins while purifying blood and the lymph.

Reducing Pain

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Ozone in the form of autohemotherapy (injections), has shown to reduce pain markers and has anti-inflammatory properties.  Limbs (ankles and wrists) can be bagged with ozone also.


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Anal insufflations of ozone has been studied for its ability to treat colon health issues and for promoting liver health.

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Ozone is USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Ozone, in summary, is a toxic gas that also has health benefits.  We’ve never heard of anyone getting sick from it, but you can abuse it, like anything. O3 is a potent germicide and should not be inhaled directly. Most experts will say you can inhale it after you bubble it through something like water or oil.  

Disclaimer. The opinions expressed in this video are those of the authors.