by Perry Louis Fields Founder, Author, Medical Pioneer, Food Scientist and Engineer

Today, I’m writing about a little practicality on the daily things that can prevent or lessen the severity of the flu (in general), although COVID-19 is no flu, it’s a virus.  It’s also going to be around for a long time and more than likely, come in waves across the globe we people still try to work and the economy still persists on.

This will be a wake up call for many people I believe, as it’s more than twice the contagiousness of the flu and has a death rate (so far), somewhere between 3-6%.  It’s not an old person’s illness either, although older people are much more at-risk.

Being sick is the worst.  It’s true that hundreds of thousands of people die annually from the flu, and flu strains mutate naturally as they become resistant to whatever antibiotics we “throw” at them.  Part of the fear is not knowing about this virus, like we do others.   It’s been upgraded to pandemic.

Symptoms can be mild to severe. 

The advice (per CDC): In general, the CDC recommends the following to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, which include both coronaviruses and flu viruses: Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands; avoid close contact with people who are sick; stay home when you are sick; and clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Some key points to consider about COVID-19:

  1. Keep your distance from others (social distancing).
  2. Your immune system’s health is probably how you’re going to be effected by this virus.
  3. Pumping yourself up PRIOR to illness and at the beginning of onset, will be KEY for many people.
  4. Giving yourself time to allow your antibodies build to the virus, will help lessen the effect.
  5. Do you part and be mindful of your contagiousness. Many may have low key symptoms and still be highly contagious.

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I err on the side of caution, only because I don’t want to be part of the problem.  If I were to get sick, I would be more worried about the people I infected by accident (perhaps before I knew I had symptoms).  My decision to be more isolated, helps the problem resolve itself. 

For example, I was going to visit my mother this month (and see my dad who is in a nursing home), but I can’t fathom flying there and then walking into a nursing home.  I won’t be that person!

I also know that you have to be VERY mindful to not touch your nose or face, etc.  How many people do you think, can actually remember to do that all day long?  

6 feet is the transmission area from another person, even if they aren’t sneezing.

I stay put, so it can resolve itself quicker and I can be more responsible about it all. 


The following ideas are can be used in addition as prevention, but also as ways to strengthen your immune system.  And while you may not get CORONAVIRUS, as some point you’ll get a flu or cold and will want to know what your at-home arsenal looks like, besides the standard allopathic approach.  Knowing this kind of thing can save you from suffering!

Dr. Klinghardt has a great interview about the virus. He’s a German physician (who practices in the US as well) and we met speaking at the American College For Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), many years ago. He is one of the top resources for people with infectious disease and uses many alternative modalities.  You can check his interview here.

Check out USE OF OZONE in the videos below (or to the right of your screen), which talk about how AMAZING and HELPFUL this really is.  We are currently building units for those who want to own one.  The page that has the OZONE unit here, describes at the bottom of that page, key uses and other pertinent information bout OZONE.

Here’s my list of practicality:

  • High quality SILVER supplement should always be in the medicine cabinet. Silver is highly anti-viral.
  • Neti pot-  get one, use one. You can neti with 6 oz of warm water and 1 tbs of salt (let this sit overnight) and/or can use silver in your neti pot should you think you are getting sick.
  • Vit C  Should you be taking high amounts of C (which is overall an anti-aging type trick in general) and you feel sick, this should lessen the severity intensely. The load method is 1 gram to 10 lbs of body weight, DAILY. You’re flooding your body with electrons that are working on all of your issues without discrimination.  Look for 1 gram doses to make your life easier.
  • Vit D – 5,000 IUs a day does amazing things to your immune system.  Doctors that recommend this dose, have done their homework. You’d be surprise at how many people have chronically low levels of D, it’s staggering.
  • NEBULIZERS– You can get neublizers that are portable! You can put silver in there or you can put one of our essential oil blends in there (see next).
  • Vitality eoBLEND* is made for the immune system. We cannot make claims on it, but most oils studied for antiviral activity is in there.
  • Strengthen eoBLEND is for the endocrine system. We cannot make claims on it, but low functioning organs (thyroid and adrenal), means you get sick lot and probably are super tired!
  • Breath Easy eoBLEND* is for respiratory care.  It has ravensara that has substantial research.
  • Wellness Pack of eoBREATHERS– contains two different types of oil blends for their antiseptic/respiratory properties. SNIFF AWAY.

Remember that HYGIENE is very important during times like this. 

After 5 days from exposure, high viral loads are present in the MOUTH, THROAT and NOSE.

Being mindful and responsible is the best thing all of us can do for ourselves (and if not for ourselves, for each other).

Work resumes here and we’re down to 2 people working full time. 

Remember that all of our products have an EO (essential oil) theme and are very good for their immune system modulating properties.

Suck on your SUR’SE, gargle with your tooth powder, sniff your eoBREATHERS and pay attention to the CDC’s recommendations. Stay Well!

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