Organic Essential Oils and Wild-Crafted Oil Blends- eoBlends

Expertly crafted organic essential oil blends using the finest, exotic, high quality oils, blended for specific conditions. These organic essential oils can be used for aromatherapy, massage, topical application and more! Learn more about our organic essential oil blends.

Our organic essential oils fit into 4 categories- wellness, relief, mood and sleep. Some blends can fit into more than one category, like mood and sleep, or wellness and relief, because of the vast therapeutic uses for each single organic essential oil.  The main color on each front label is the category the oil blend fits into the most. We created a value sized, value priced organic essential oil line for the retail space that is able to give super low prices for higher quality oils, not using multi-level marketing, creating convenience to an accessibility to essential oils. If you have any questions regarding our organic essential oils and blends, please contact us above. Enjoy the options!


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