Essential oils for colds, flus, general sickness. Our Wellness Collection has something for everyone!

Under the Weather- Essential oils for cold, flu and general sickness.

Under the Weather with a cold or flu? Tired? Depleted? …There’s an oil for that!  We use wild-crafted and organic essential oil blends that are expertly crafted for specific use.  These essential oils will enhance overall wellness and can even be used for meditating, grounding or just relaxing. They can be diffused, used in aromatherapy, massage and/or topical application.

These are value-sized and value-priced high quality organic oils, without the multi-level marketing price!  You can discover more about our essential oil blends here.

Make sure to check out our mood essential oil collection and  relief collection here. 

Essential oil for colds, essential oil for flu, essential oil for sickness, essential oil for wellness and well being.  Some essential oils fit two into two collections or categories, meaning they can be useful for wellness and mood, or sleep and mood, for examples. 


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