Stress. Fear. Anxiety.

Natural solutions – some you’ve not heard about that WORK!

Stress Fear Anxiety Natural Solutions

If you’ve had any of these lately, you’re not alone.   A question from a customer last week was on this topic.

Here’s a few things we do to keep ourselves calm.  It’s true that some people will respond different to different protocols, so I’m highlighting things I do routinely and will include a few videos that I’ve found helpful.

When it comes to total mental wellness, it seems more and more to me that daily habits (just like in oral care) come together more synergistically than any one thing by itself.

  • Exercise. Nothing new here. Pick something you like to do- and just start doing it.  I prefer doing things outside because I find nature to feel really good.  Being fit, even somewhat, does have a way of allowing you to respond to stress VERY differently.
  • WIM HOF method.  This crazy Dane came up with it.  He’s not crazy at all though.  It’s a method of breathing that oxygenates your blood, helping you combat anxiety.  It helps you with pathology by augmenting your immune system and gives you more energy.
  • Cold showers.  Not for the faint of heart. I don’t like to be showered on COLD.  I polar plunge in a tub. This is also part of the WIM HOF method.  It can be done on it’s own.  Reduced inflammation, balancing hormones, improved sleep, release of endorphins and research even shows increased growth hormone!
  • Heat.  Deep heat is how you can remove cortisol (stress hormone) out of your tissues. You do this routinely and if you have less cortisol, you will react to stressors differently.   After cold dunks (for 20 mins), I have a portable IR sauna and I also have an IR mat. Infrared (IR) heat is preferred.   Heat therapy is used in Germany and is used to create artificial fevers (hyperthermia).  While you have to be careful if you have health issues, creating artificial fevers reduces body pathology load quite intensely.  You can start slow and build your tolerance. This helps tremendously with anxiety.
  • Aromatherapy.  Not everyone responds to aromatherapy equally, but used daily in the background can be helpful to many people- male or female. I use eoBREATHERS at work.  I sometimes use them at the end of the day. I also diffuse Rest Easy and Stressed Out at home at night. I like oils like Overcome in the shower- it has a calming, balsamic feel to it.
  • Power Meter Location.  Find out where your smart meter is at home and work. This is a can of worms here, but it’s everyone’s right to know what kind of EMF they are being exposed too. Some meters are by beds on the outside wall!  There are loads of research and discussion on how this effects us physically and mentally (anxiety).   EMF and ELF is also carcinogenic.  Get a meter and test it for yourself. Reduce exposure.
  • Magnesium, B-Vitamins, CBD and Adaptogens. There are many.  Natural food stores almost always have helpful staff to answer questions for you.
  • Turn it off.  Without diving into this subject too much, I do whole heartedly see how our mainstream news is divisive and corrupt, (explained here).  I personally have canceled my newspapers, I don’t watch ANY mainstream news anymore and have hand selected a few alternative media selections (which is on the rise) that keep me updated. We just quit social media and it’s been a great decision!  No regrets! 
  • Take action. Taking action is how you can remove fear from your life and puts you more in command of yourself.  For example, we are being mindful of tech mergers so we don’t support these monopolies.  Everyday I have to evaluate what we cannot support on a business level and personal level, and how it impacts us if remove it.  It absolutely sucks, but it’s going to be very necessary as time goes on.  Taking action puts you back in power, if you’ve lost it.  I’ll probably spill the beans here shortly on everything we’re doing (just as a blog post), to show you what is actually possible.

When we told everyone last week we quit social media, I had one nasty email and 300+ support emails of many people who have followed similar routes.

Summary:   Critically think.  Be informed.  Then worry less.  Take action where possible.  Be tough enough to be friends with everyone. Focus on your own health and wellness.  Find out what works for you.  



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