“Healthy” Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The Frau Fowler Gift Guide- for all ages!

Tooth Tab- Fire Spice

For Coffee Lovers or People who just love FOOD and TASTES!

The problem with coffee is hours later you mouth just feels icky and that’s typically a sign of over acidity in the mouth.  Acid on teeth is bad for enamel and invites bacteria to thrive.

The following SUR’SE oral care tabs are YUMMY, strong in flavor, kills coffee breath, keeps the mouth clean AND supports enamel health.  Introduce your friends, co-workers or family members to a new kind of oral care…they will not soon forget.

Fire Spice SUR’SE
Peppermint Chamomile SUR’SE
in Power Mint- contact us for ordering and specials.

Healthy Stocking Stuffers

For Younger KIDS

Kids really need oral care help (in general), but starting young with education is most helpful.  These SUR’SE flavors are kid friendly and a better option than candy. Teach them how to take one after meal or drink, and save money on dental bills (and improve your child’s health in the long run).  Orange Clove Tooth Powder is a winner and our mildest flavor we offer.  This is the first EVER, no rinse, EDIBLE oral care product!  

SUR’SE Berry Good
SUR’SE Birch Chill
Orange Clove Tooth Powder

If you don’t know if they like spicy or not, these are safe bets! These make GREAT stocking stuffers, even if it makes mom happiest. Most kids really do think it’s fun to use!

Older Kids

Older kids typically have more developed taste buds and usually have “adult” dragon breath by this age.  Many are eating a LOT of sugar and processed foods during the day or food that makes the mouth highly acidic.   Show them how to take a SUR’SE after meal or drink, and let them discover a really fun way to brush their teeth, they won’t soon forget!
(Our tooth powder, is also great for braces!)

Photo credit: Rowan Atkinson in MrBean, 1990.

For the Man in your Life

Do they have stinky breath?  Whether you’re looking for a curative product OR just you’re making demands (no kissing until conditions improve).

Power Mint Tooth Powder
Mouth Medic Tooth Powder
Citrus Mint Tooth Powder
 “reminds them of candy”
Fire Spice SUR’SE
Peppermint Chamomile SUR’SE 
HEMP SUR’SE in Power Mint-
contact us for pricing and specials

These flavors are STRONG, use higher EO content to really improve gum health and kill bacteria!  Teach them how to use it and you’ll be VERY PLEASED with the results.

Stocking Stuffer Idea- $1 Sample Packet

We think it’s best to gift a full one, BUT if you have a ton of friends and want to add some WOW value to the stocking, this would be it!

Each sample packet has all flavors and info on how to use it.  Once you convert them, they will think of you at least TWICE DAILY.


Anyone With Yellow Teeth

This is for anyone.   Yes, it’s trendy to use charcoal, but we make a COMPLETE oral care product using it!

Carbon Bright Tooth Powder

It helps whiten and is extra gentle, especially good if someone has seriously sensitive teeth.  It supports enamel remineralization.

HIKERS, Backpackers, World Travelers

One tub can last almost 8 weeks!  Give your jet-setter or woodsy friend the GIFT that let’s them know, YOU GET THEM. 

SUR’SE or Tooth Powder, or BOTH 

They can cut weight while traveling and not have to brush their teeth outside the tent, while Bigfoot is watching. No water needed and we encourage that!


Got a friend that uses a diffuser?  Maybe you do!  They’ll love these. These are sold in the RM region of Whole Foods!

ORGANIC, Expertly Blended, NO MLM PRICE.

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