Essential Oil Inhalers- The Science of eoBreathers

by Perry Louis Fields Founder, Author, Medical Pioneer, Food Scientist and Engineer

Essential Oils for HeadachesFrau Fowler started in natural oral care, but our roots have long been established in “plant medicine.”  I was the first to formulate oils specifically for the use in Lyme disease, as an alternative method to treating chronic Lyme disease (that typically have multiple systemic co-infections including fungus, mold, viral loads and parasites).

When I discovered essential oils and herbs for healthy living, I was also studying energetic medicine. I own machines that would blow most people’s minds and have used them successfully for almost two decades now.  Energetic medicine will be the future, once people understand that all health and healing is just a battle of ENERGIES.  Every thing you eat and/or surround yourself with (including people and our emotions), will emit specific frequencies that your body gets “bathed in.”

Just Breathing Using An Essential Oil Inhaler Can Change Your Own Energy

That’s not a typo.  One major find I had when being the autoimmune guru and having a health practice, was that the “shotgun effect” and how it heals people more rapidly.  When medicines are made, they are simply isolated compounds of what’s found in nature. Nature understands that to be well and healthy, you have to have a lot of tricks up your sleeve, because parasites/bacteria (for example) are smart enough to create defenses and resistant. It’s why we have SUPER FLUS.

When you use our oral care products, you get a shotgun effect, when you use our essential oil blends (eoBlends), you get a shotgun effect, when you use our eoBreathers aromatherapy essential oil inhaler, you get a shotgun effect.  This approach is SMART, because self medicating with “lavender” because you’re stressed, for example, may not be the exact oil (for example) you really need!

Essential Oil Inhalers Are Not Just For Chicks

It wasn’t too long ago that MLM companies in essential oils were on the rise and their over priced products, touting the best quality (as if they were the only ones), gave stay at home mothers a way to support themselves.  Think Tupperware, but way cooler!  Women sold to other women and products for kids were developed. This is all great, BUT it left men out.

Men are at work also, stressed out also and maybe need more help than women (in general).  They are often eating more poorly because sometimes it’s all about convenience- WE GET THAT.

Sniffing an essential oil inhaler can energetically get a person more turned around, more quickly than just about anything consumed (besides sublingual medicines).

When you, for example, drink a SODA, most people (if not all), will have a negative energy response to it. You may feel high at first and then really low. It’s not just because of the ingredients being consumed, but what that does to your body’s energy systems.

If anyone has had experience with advanced chiropractic, muscle testing, kinesiology (this is the first time I found out I was gluten intolerant, before gluten intolerant was even a word anyone knew about) or energy medicine devices like the ASYRA (used by bio dentists to study the energy drop of a meridian over a specific tooth and how that correlates the probability of DISEASE under the tooth), not to mention other GERMAN devices (as Germans are fairly obsessed with energy medicine and for good reason), it’s really astonishing stuff!

Interesting side note- Frau Fowler’s manufacturing sits on the block adjacent to where NICOLA TESLA lived while he was in Colorado Springs doing all of his research!  I get excited just thinking about it!  If you use energy if your daily life, you should thank him because he died thankless.

Illness For Most People Is The Tiny Grain of Sand In Your Shoe – it’s the DAILY “STUFF” adding up eventually.

Sniffing an essential oil inhaler, can help your body’s energy turn around quicker.  You should use one.

Inhalation Is The Fastest Method of Entry for Essential Oils

I clearly spent more time focusing on internally using essential oils during my studies, due to the pathology situation I was embarking on.  However, for most day to day use, inhaling essential oil is best for the general population.   Not only did we just make it really easy, but I think that fast, direct, nasal inhalation is super discreet also.  This method is better than “just” diffusing oils with a device.

Here’s the process:

  1. Pull out of your pocket, your essential oil inhaler (eoBREATHERS)
  2. Stick it in your nose and inhale. I like to close my eyes and close up the other nostril, which also helps with getting the RIGHT and LEFT brain firing.
  3. The olfactory bulb (is only one synapses), and moves into other parts of the brain instantly.
  4. Volatile essential oil molecules are systemically absorbed by the brain and lungs depending on bio-availability.
  5. These molecules fit into receptor sales and then they are sent as electrical signals- emotional and memory centers.
  6. They work on the sympathetic and parasympathetic system- this is a BIG DEAL as most of us are in flight or fight and this STOPS IT.
  7. Oils care reduce anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate.

We typically use oils in our oral care products because of their amazing ability to deal with bacteria (naturally), create flavor (naturally) and we also know (where we can’t make claims) is that absorbing sublingual also helps the body in a shotgun effect, that will be different for each person.

We have made essential oil inhalers for the following conditions:

  1. German Thieves – a great one for it’s antispetic properties (although don’t be fooled, just about every oil has these kinds of properties)
  2. ENERGY + – feeling fatigued and unmotivated?  Get this one.
  3. Rest Easy– one of our most popular eoBLENDS that’s perfect for sleep, rest and being and just being at peace.
  4. Head Ease– ditch that stupid VICKS inhaler, and get real therapy for your entire head and body.
  5. Clear Mind – great aromatherapy that is calming that can put your body and mind at ease.
  6. Stressed Out– another great eoBLEND that we turned into an inhaler for peace, rest and relaxing.
  7. Terra Firma– this is our OVERCOME eoBLEND with a twist, it’s great for grounding and meditation.
  8. Breathe Easy – clearing, revitalizing and great for congestion (nose and lungs). This is our eoBLEND that has done well in Whole Foods.
  9. Grief Gone – is one of the best blends we’ve seen for intense anxiety and grief or despair.

Make sure to sign up for our newsletter, because I’m not done talking about this subject. I just scratched the surface. For example, high levels of sesquiterpenes, found in oils like frankincense, help increase oxygen in the limbic system of the brain (pineal and pituitary glands), which increases antibodies, ENDORPHINS and neurotransmitters. Stress beats you up, but you can do a small thing daily (like using any of our products really) and it can help you change your response.

Frau Fowler started in response to knowing what I know about how LIFE BEATS YOU UP and if you are using personal care items, they might as well do something wonderful for you daily…beyond just making “your armpits or breath smell better.”   

Organic Essential Oil Blends

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